Tuesday, December 5, 2017

4.0 magnitude temblor recorded off southern tip of Haida Gwaii

Another moderate seismic shift off the coast, this one due south of Moresby island

An afternoon shift of seismic plates was recorded at 2:14 this afternoon located off the southern tip of Haida Gwaii's Moresby Island some 183 kilometres West-South West of Bella Bella,

That places the epicentre of the event at 308 kilometres to the South of Prince Rupert.

Listed at 10 kilometres at depth, it did not generate any form of Tsunami warning for the region.

No advisories of any damage, or if it was even noticed in populated areas have been relayed to this point.

It is the second temblor of the last few days for a region that has had a number of similar sized events through the year.

Two days ago we took note of a similar event just to the Northwest of Port Hardy

You can find more information related to seismic shifts along the British Columbia and Southeast Alaska Coast from our archive page here.

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