Monday, April 9, 2018

Emergency Info and Civic Information about to be made available through mobile device services

Looking for Instant information on emergency situations, or details on civic departments?

In Prince Rupert there now is an app for that.

Part of the preview of tonight's update on emergency alerts as part of the Prince Rupert City Council session, provides some interesting background notes on two new services that are up and running through the City of Prince Rupert's communications options.

Tonight City Council will hear the details of the launch of the new Emergency Alert System and City Mobile Application process for mobile devices, with Communications Manager Veronika Stewart, Fire Chief Dave Mckenzie and IT manager Marko Kessler set to outline how the new systems will work in the community.

The Emergency Alert program roll out comes following the January 23rd earthquake, which found the city facing some concerns over the level of communication in the community when it comes to warnings for emergency situations.

According to the report, which is available through the City Council Agenda for this evening (see page 23) the City has developed a subscription based emergency alert system, along with an in-house developed mobile application for residents to access information in case of an emergency.

The City will then deliver additional information to residents through local radio, City Social media and the city Website.

The report outlines that the cost of developing and implementing both programs has been mostly through staff time, with a Connect Rocket service fee (the emergency alert program) listed at 3,000 dollars per year, plus a cost associated with each notification sent during an emergency, one time emergency costs which are stated to be recoverable through the province.

The cost for the hosting platform is listed at 950 dollars per year, while the estimated cost for printing and delivering brochures related to the introduction of the services is estimated to be $2,000.

A look at the Tsunami Hazard and Safe Zones for the City of Prince Rupert
part of the focus for tonight's Report to Council 

related to a new Emergency Information System
(from the City of Prince Rupert City Council Agenda for April 9 2018)

Forms to register for the subscription service will be made available at City Hall, the Recreation Centre, Seniors Centre, Public Library, RCMP front desk and other partner organizations.

Residents will also be able to register for the alert system through the city website at once that link goes live.

A copy of the application form for residents of Prince Rupert,
the form will register residents in the city's emergency alert system

(from the City of Prince Rupert Council Meeting agenda for April 9
(click to enlarge

The City's IT department has divided Prince Rupert into a number of
sections for residents to access community information through mobile devices

 from the City of Prince Rupert City Council Agenda for April 9 2018)

The mobile app is available for download now, you can access and download the required apps for your mobile devices by way of typing Prince Rupert into the search engine of whichever Mobile App store you happen to use.

The mobile apps also provide for a range of material and links related to the City of Prince Rupert,
featuring a number of categories to explore, included on the list:

Call a Department
Municipal News
Municipal Events
Video Channel
Points of Interest
Brochures and Guides
Municipal Bylaws
Digital Forms

The Report to Council also highlights the range of access that is now available through the city's 311 phone service, where links to a number of City Departments can be accessed by following the prompts from the phone menu once you call in.

The full roll out for the program tonight, will also offer the City Council members a chance to ask questions and highlight the shift into the new communication stream that the options will now provide for the community.

The Council session takes place tonight at 7PM and is available through CityWest Community television or streamed live through the City of Prince Rupert website.

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