Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Seniors Centre in Prince Rupert benefits from BCMEA contribution and training plans

Sheila McDonald and Barry Cunningham
check out the new commercial grade
freezer now in place at the Grenville Court
Prince Rupert Seniors Centre
(Photo from BCMEA) 

British Columbia's Marine Employers is lending a hand to a local organization making sure that the community's Seniors Centre has the resources to provide services to the city's Elders and Seniors. 

That through a five thousand dollar contribution to the Prince Rupert Seniors Centre, to be put towards the purchase of a new commercial freezer for the Seniors Centre downtown, the new unit to be used as part of the Centre's Food Assistance program, which strives to ensure that the nutritional needs of seniors is met with home delivered meal program. 

In addition to further expand their relationship with the city's Seniors, BCMEA is leasing space in the Seniors’ Centre for specialized training of over one hundred recruits in the coming months

The Centre will also be utilized to launch the largest Violence and Harassment Awareness, Management and Training program for B.C.’s waterfront. 

The program is currently underway thanks to the generous support by the Government of Canada, proactive partnership with ILWU-Canada and award-winning trainers from Ending Violence Association of B.C. Workers and supervisors from terminals in Prince Rupert and Port Edward are anticipated to be enrolled in the comprehensive program. 

As part of their program for Prince Rupert,  Mike Leonard, President and CEO of the BCMEA highlighted how cooperation with Seniors Centre will benefit both organizations. 

“We are proud to be working in cooperation with the Prince Rupert Seniors’ Centre to deliver our training, while helping support the critical services they provide the community ... We know that Prince Rupert is a city where the port sustains the community, and this partnership is a reminder that volunteer-led organizations also provide important support for local residents. We’re glad that our involvement can contribute to sustained programming at the Centre.” 

Daniel Hendrickson, Barry Cunningham and
Sheila McDonald at the Prince Rupert
Seniors Centre
(Photo from BCMEA) 

Barry Cunningham, President of the Prince Rupert Seniors' Centre Society, made note of the impact of the marine industry to Prince Rupert and welcomed the involvement that the BCMEA has planned for the Senior's Centre

 “The marine industry in Prince Rupert is a mainstay of the community’s economy, and we are glad to see the BC Maritime Employers Association demonstrating leadership in the growth of the waterfront workforce. Safety, security and community support are the hallmarks of a healthy port city. BCMEA’s investment in the Seniors’ Centre is an example of that cooperation in action.”

As part of today's announcement, Micheal Gurney, who is the new media liaison for the BCMEA and the community provided a snapshot of the growth of the industry in Prince Rupert and the scope of the services they provide for.

The BC Maritime Employers Association provides advisory services in human resources to approximately 50 waterfront employers and the more than 7,500 men and women who work for them. BCMEA members with operations in the Prince Rupert region include DP World, Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc, Western Stevedoring, Empire Grain Stevedoring and Tidal Transport and Trading

You can learn more about the BCMEA through their website, as well as their social media streams of Facebook and twitter.

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