Thursday, January 9, 2014

City has three key issues to discuss with the Province

At the end of Monday's City Council session, Mayor Jack Mussallem outlined three issues that the City is making plans to discuss with the Province of British Columbia.

Among the top three priorities for discussion as 2014 gets underway.

The need to move the city's watershed to be included within the municipal borders. It was a theme that was last explored in November of 2013.

The ongoing nature of site remediation at Watson Island, a long running discussion that would see the City seek out some form of arrangement with the province to continue on with the removal of chemicals from the industrial site.

The final topic for discussion with Provincial officials will be the recently announced cutbacks to the BC Ferry Service, with the City seeking to outline the impacts that those cuts will have on Prince Rupert and the North Coast. It was a topic that Council explored in December, expressing their concern over the direction that BC Ferries was taking in the North.

You can review the Mayors checklist from the City's Video Archive for January 6th, he outlines the items from the 37 to 38 minute mark.

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