Friday, January 10, 2014

Garbage and what to do about it, of interest to Prince Rupert Council

Photo from City of PR Annual Rpt
There was a bit of trash talking going down at Prince Rupert City Hall on Monday evening.

Along with the increase to the utility rates regarding Solid Waste (a total increase of five percent per year for three years for those counting at home) Prince Rupert's council members explored a few thoughts on the nature of garbage, the landfill site and recycling options in the City.

Councillor Ashley led off the discussion on the theme, advising that it has been on the discussion list at Regional District meetings of late.

She observed that the City needs to be more vigilant at the Ridley Island Landfill site in watching what is being allowed to enter the landfill, taking time to remind citizens of the capabilities of the Recycling Centre on Kaien Road and the items that should be delivered there.

The theme of placing a transfer station at the Landfill site was also bounced around the council table, with Councillor Thorkelson offering up some thoughts on the issue, suggesting that Prince Rupert perhaps consider some of the procedures in place in Castlegar, where they have a transfer station in place at the landfill site in that community.

Councillor Garon echoed much of Councillor Thorkelson's thoughts on the possible placement of a station at the landfill site, in order to provide space to separate items that end up in the landfill that shouldn't end up there.

For his part, Councillor Cunningham suggested part of the problem may be found with the distance of the landfill site to the city.

The Mayor outlined how the expanded options at the Kaien Road Recycling centre, may reduce many of the unwanted items that currently are making their way to the landfill site.

That would take place by way of a 24 Hours a day transfer station, a project that has been planned for outside the gates since last year, but which had been delayed into 2014.

On the timeline of the opening of that transfer station on Kaien Road, Councillor Ashley advised that the latest plan has the transfer station to open by April at the latest.

You can review the full discussion on all maters refuse from the City's Video Archive, the talk of trash arrives from 14 to 19 minutes.

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