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Health --- Northern Health Items for 2014

Our quick reference and archive of items pertaining to Northern Health's policies and events involving Health Issues on the North Coast.


December 19-- Northern Health Connections Schedule to go into Holiday mode  NCR
December 16-- Northern Health awards Imagine Grants to 10 Prince Rupert projects  NCR

November 3-- Flu Clinics set to open this week  NCR

October 16-- Northern Health introduces new Medical Officer for the Northwest NCR
October 15-- Get ready for winter with flu shot
October 14-- Flu Shots coming soon (video)
October 14-- Work places prepare for flu season (video)
October 14-- UNBC Alumni: Northern Health CEO Cathy Ulrich (video)
October 10-- Long surgery wait keeps Prince George Senior away from his work
October 8-- Prince George Cancer car program available to anyone in city
October 7-- Profs look to shed light on mental illness
October 3-- Northern Health Nurses recognized for excellence (video)
October 3-- No need to worry about Ebola, says Northern Health


September 29-- First Northern Medical Program grad returns as specialist
September 29-- Cancer research offers new treatment (video)
September 29-- Health Authority, RCMP aim to help Mentally Ill (video)
September 26-- Prince George urologist a Northern Medical Program grad
September 26-- Wait and see: Year-long for cataract surgery endemic to the North
September 26-- New Connections Bus (video)
September 26-- Unique Specialist returns to Northern BC (video)
September 26-- New Northern Health Connections bus
September 23-- B. C. to add rural ambulance help
September 23-- Is B. C. facing a nurses' dispute?
September 22-- Prince George man doing well 2 years after heart Transplant (video)
September 18-- Prince Rupert Doctor and family share their thoughts on North Coast life NCR
September 16-- Reducing stigma towards HIV in the Healthcare system (video)
September 9-- Due date looks good on Prince George hospital project
September 4-- Sexually Transmitted Infections Surging in the Peace (audio)


August 27-- Whooping cough outbreak over in Prince Rupert, Haida Gwaii
August 11-- Queen Charlotte Mayor calls for better ambulance coverage after man dies
August 11-- Queen Charlotte Mayor Calls for Better Rural Ambulance Service After Death of Skidegate Band Coucillor
August 6-- Northern Health Connections Bus Service to go on summer hiatus  NCR
August 5-- Minimal ambulance coverage for QC, Skidegate for next couple of weeks


July 31-- Health bus pared down
July 31-- Northern health hoping to fill specialists gap
July 30-- Northern Health Connections takes a summer break
July 28-- BC Midwives set to begin job action (video)
July 28-- Challenges in Finding a Dermatologist for Northern BC (video)
July 28-- Provincial shortage of Dermatologists
July 28-- Midwives take Job Action
July 28-- New Position at Northern Health Targets Sedentary Behaviour (video)
July 28-- Physical therapy students get hands-on experience in north
July 24-- A Push for More Physiotherapy Grads to choose the North (video)
July 22-- Northern Health Working to Recruit Dermatologist
July 22-- Doctors have missed the mark
July 22-- No Dermatologist in Prince George, Despite need (video)
July 18-- Doctors with a backbone
July 18-- Doctors speak out against Enbridge
July 17-- Roadwork means means more parking spaces at Prince George Hospital
July 15-- Exercise caution while outside: Northern Health
July 15-- HIV Rates still High Across BC (video)
July 15-- Province strategizes to combat HIV among Gay and BiSexual Men
July 14-- Northern Health name game
July 11-- HIV testing now routine patient care
July 10-- New Star unveiled at University Hospital in Prince George (video)
July 10-- Parents prepare for Heat Wave
July 9-- Northern Health Introducing New HIV Initiative (video)
July 9-- HIV Testing Initiative being rolled out in Northern Communities
July 9-- New Directors Named to Healthcare Foundation Board in Prince George
July 4-- Northern Health and RCMP warn against Drunk Boating
July 3-- More parking coming to UHNBC in Prince George
July 3-- New Chief Medical Health Officer
July 2-- New Chief Medical Health Office arrives
July 2-- New Chief Medical Officer for Northern Health (video)
July 2-- New Doctor Leading Northern Health


June 16-- HIV/AIDS Conference taking place in Prince George (video)
June 13-- HIV/AIDS conference a first for region
June-- 6-- Northern Health gets fund to reduce use of antipsychotic drugs
June-- 3-- Northern Health questioned over unused spaces


May 28-- North Coast Health issues raised at Legislature committee session  NCR
May 23-- Art a catalyst for positive change
May 22-- Renovations to CT Scanner Suite now complete at Prince Rupert Regional Hospital  NCR
May 22-- Mayor to discuss Doctor recruitment with local medical professionals NCR
May 13-- Whooping cough outbreak on Haida Gwaii
May 9-- Northern Health looking for a Mascot Design  NCR
May 7-- MLA Rice speaks to mental health issues for rural and coastal communities  NCR
May 7-- Whooping Cough proving to be persistent for Northwest  NCR


April 8-- Northern Health issues advisory on gastrointestinal illness NCR
April 7-- Northern Medical Program celebrates decade
April 4-- Northern Health trying to contain noro virus-like illness in Northwest B. C.
April 4-- Northern Medical Program turns 10 (video)
April 4-- Physiotherapy not done
April 2-- Physiotherapy program on hold due to funding concerns (video)
April 2-- Physiotherapy training at risk


March 28-- Northern Health helps residents keep tabs on safe dining
March 25-- Wait times still an issue: NH
March 19-- Northern Health issues reminder on whooping cough protection  NCR
March 19-- Whooping warning
March 19-- Study makes case for upping drinking age
March 19-- Northern Health Campaign encourages people to stop smoking before surgery (video)
March 18-- Four cases of whooping cough in Northern Health (video)
March 18-- Whooping cough warning issued
March 18-- Watch out for whooping cough
March 18-- Whooping Couch Immunization Reminder
March 14-- Concerning Health Statistics in Northern BC (video)
March 14-- Northerners not as healthy
March 14-- MLA outlines concerns over funding for Prince Rupert Family Counselling Service  NCR
March 13-- Fighting Cancer in First Nations communities
March 13-- BC Cancer Society works to improve First Nations Cancer Care (video)
March 4-- Students, NH staff use simulated patient


February 28-- Tour through the Mobile Medical Unit (video)
February 28-- Hospital-on-wheels just what the doctor ordered
February 27-- A Generous Donation for Northern Health
February 27-- Foundation funding medical technology
February 25-- Four Prince Rupert groups receive funding from Northern Health's IMAGINE grant program  NCR
February 21-- Northern Health's "Difficult to Fill" vacancies drop (video)
February 18-- Backyardagains surprise UHNBC's Paediatrics ward (video)
February 18-- Backyardagains visit Paediatric ward
February 17-- Doctors' Award Underway
February 13-- Young docs are calling Terrace home


January 24-- Northern Health to appear before B. C. Human Rights Tribunal
January 20-- Lots of vaccine, Flu season normal: Northern Health
January 17-- No Flu Vaccine shortage for Northern BC (video)
January 17-- No Flu Vaccine shortage in Northern BC
January 16-- Construction on Haida Gwaii may resume soon
January 16-- Flu Vaccine available on Haida Gwaii
January 15-- PPWC loses in labour spat with IUOE at Northern Health's Prince Rupert Hospital NCR
January 13-- Tips for keeping the Flu at bay (video)
January 12-- Northern Health gives advice on "winter blues"
January 10-- Flu season not unusual despite confirmed cases of H1N1
January 9-- Terrace Hospital foundations benefit from Terrace man's will
January 8-- Northern Health says flu season is shaping out normally
January 8-- Northern Influenza (video)
January 7-- Prince Rupert Hospital first outside of Lower Mainland to host student led rehabilitation clinic  NCR
January 7-- Influenza (The Flu) is in the community
January 2-- Northern Health Welcomes New Year's Babies
January 2-- Haida Gwaii couple parents of First Baby of 2014 in the Northwest

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