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Housing Issues of the North West

An Archive of items on Housing for the North West.


December 30-- Terrace housing market eases up
December 18-- Single mom moving to a Prince Rupert shelter for battered women because of cuts to affordable housing  (audio)
December 18-- School District on different page than City when it comes to Wantage Road Work Camp  NCR
December 12-- MLA Rice challenges Minister Rich Coleman's thoughts over rent controls  NCR
December 12-- Housing very affordable in northern BC
December 11-- Worker, Senior accommodations planned at former church in Prince Rupert
December 10-- Housing affordability in northern B. C. remains high
December 3-- Mayor uses inaugural speech to preview approach ahead for Council  NCR


November 27-- Work camp proponents may provide partial answer to City's ongoing Housing concerns  NCR
November 27-- Low income earners face northwestern BC rental challenge
November 17-- Transition Society seeks Homeless Prevention Outreach Worker  NCR
November 8-- Prince Rupert Housing issues, Jobs and Training among items raised by MLA Rice during Legislature session   NCR
November 6-- Council candidates seek to turn Tuesday's election forum appearance into votes  NCR
November 5-- Home search leads Northwest B. C. mother to Alberta
November 1-- Spec housing now viable in Terrace


October 25-- Housing situation remains a high concern for City Council  NCR
October 9-- A small measure of relief on the way for City's assisted living housing situation NCR
October 8-- Social Housing and Poverty issues get review at Monday Council session NCR
October 7-- Rupert realty sales on the rise
October 6-- City to Consider Housing and Social issues at Council session tonight  NCR


September 3-- Terrace Family of Four Sleeps in Converted Parking Lot to Save on Rent (audio)


August 28-- Trailer court in Port Edward being shut down
August 20-- Housing dialogue to focus on change in Prince Rupert
August 12-- Second fire in Terrace housing complex in one week
August 12-- More residential housing wanted int Terrace
August 5-- Plan aims to revitalize south side neighbourhood of Terrace


July 19-- Terrace Realtor wants city to expand sewer services on the bench neighbourhood in Terrace
July 17-- Terrace Single Family home costs continue to climb upward
July 17-- Rupert 'without question' is a seller's market for real estate
July 16-- Prince Rupert Continues Discussion with "Prince Rupert Living Concepts: about the Development of Condos
July 15-- Affordable housing plan in Terrace outlined
July 14-- Real Estate market remains hot on North Coast and across Northwest  NCR
July 7-- City Council's Housing review might find Vancouver initiative worth a look  NCR
July 2-- Huge housing project planned for Terrace
July 2-- Terrace to Set Up Affordable Housing Fund Thanks to Land Sale


June 27-- Council to consider forming a Housing Committee to address housing issues in the community NCR
June 25-- Terrace RCMP Warn Residents of a "Rental Scam"
June 23-- Rental scam snares Terrace resident
June 12-- Housing crunch continues in Terrace
June 11-- Lack of maintenance leaves Prince Rupert kids without options to play
June 3-- Results In from Online Smithers Residential survey


May 21-- Massive Spike in Homelessness projected in Prince Rupert
May 14-- Social Housing issues dominate Monday Council session  NCR
May 14-- Council moves Sixth Avenue West re-development proposal ahead  NCR
May 12-- Homeless population in Terrace higher than estimated
May 10-- Seniors housing project underway in Terrace
May 9-- Housing, rents worry Terrace and area residents

May 7-- Wheelchair-dependent man forced to live on the Prince Rupert streets


April 22-- Hammer Time (Terrace)
April 11-- Affordable housing plan dropped (Terrace)


March 31-- A hint of what a surge of North Coast Housing might look like  NCR
March 29-- BC Housing outlines the path ahead for housing on the North Coast  NCR
March 29-- Housing crunch predicted as Terrace and area population grows
March 26-- Prince Rupert Council grants zoning permit for Graham Avenue Development  NCR
March 25-- Zoning in place for condominium development in Prince Rupert
March 24-- Terrace Housing Assessment results suggest developer contributions to social housing
March 19-- Work camp plan sparks outcry in Terrace
March 18-- Two large subdivisions planned
March 13-- Prince Rupert Council takes Graham Avenue condo project to public comment phase  NCR
March 13-- Inside the Housing crisis of Northern BC
March 11-- Prince Rupert Living Concepts Presents Plans for Senior Friendly Apartments
March 11-- Developers outline condominium proposal in Prince Rupert
March 10-- Kitimat's poor being "renovated" from city because of boom, mayor says
March 10-- Housing answer floats into Kitimat
March 7-- Kitimat's surge in growth gains notice in Vancouver media circles  NCR
March 7-- Terrace wants more control over work camps
March 5-- Municipalities want say in regulating work camps
March 5-- Terrace makes pitch for subsidized housing
March 3-- Silja Festival Ferry docks in Vancouver for retrofit as Kitimat hotel
March 3-- Kitimat's New "Flotel" Arrives in BC waters


February 27-- City considers townhouse development for Graham Avenue area  NCR
February 26-- Residents being "renovicted" in northern BC
February 24-- Homeless census planned for Terrace
February 11-- Evictions worry Terrace councillor


January 30-- Property assessment Appeal Period almost at an end NCR
January 29-- Prince George firm chosen to manage properties in Prince Rupert
January 28-- Smelter construction workers to be housed on converted ferry
January 27-- Provincial Government announces new Social Housing Property Manager for Prince Rupert NCR
January 22-- No Vacancy Terrace (video)
January 22-- Terrace real estate feeling the pinch of low vacancies
January 14-- Terrace subdivision application approved
January 6-- Terrace Housing options in development
January 2-- LNG plans push up B. C. home values

Archive of items for 2013

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