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Industrial Development 2014 -- Port of Prince Rupert

Our quick reference and archive of items related to the operation, expansion and proposed developments of the Port of Prince Rupert

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December 12-- Fairview Terminal set to close 2014 with high volumes  NCR


November 18-- Port preparations for potential LNG arrival gain notice across shipping industry  NCR
November 11-- Slowing emerging markets, weak Europe spark new global trade worries


October 31-- Port Edward receives more than $500,000 in unexpected revenue following PILT review
October 30-- Harbour Debris Society puts a wrap on extensive harbour clean up project  NCR
October 14-- City of Prince Rupert and Prince Rupert Port Authority reach agreement on PILT  NCR


September 24-- New Alberta Premier points to the North Coast for Enbridge alternatives  NCR
September 8-- Prince Rupert Port Authority August Traffic summary (info release)
September 4-- Port's PILT payments, Watson Island revenue decreases highlight Financial Report to Council  NCR


August 27-- Prince Rupert Port Authority seeking community information forum members
August 27-- Canada's ports win as container ships avoid U. S. on labour concern
August 27-- Canada's Prince Rupert Port Sees Shipping increase (video)
August 27-- Clarifying Westview dust readings
August 18-- Amakusa Island repairs taking longer than expected
August 12-- Traffic through the Port of Prince Rupert down in 2014 while traffic through Fairview Terminal rises


July 30-- Making mountains out of mole hills
July 23-- Grounded freighter moved to Prince Rupert's Northland Terminal for repairs
July 23-- Alfalfa shipments proposed for Prince Rupert
July 22-- Damaged Coal ship to Be repaired
July 17-- Amakus Island grounding provides Enbridge opponents with a visual aid  NCR
July 15-- Bulk carrier re-floated after running aground in Prince Rupert Harbour  NCR


June 19-- Prince Rupert Port Authority to invest $10 Million for break bulk terminal at Ridley Island
June 17-- Prince Rupert Port Authority hosts Annual Meeting on Thursday  NCR
June 9-- Port tonnage down more than eight per cent in 2014
June 4-- Port of Prince Rupert success highlighted in business publication article  NCR
June 2-- Port and energy boom reignites Prince Rupert's economy


May 27-- Prince Rupert Port Authority introduces new member to Board of Directors
May 12-- Port of Prince Rupert on track for another record year
May 1-- Prince Rupert Port Authority outlines plans for further expansion on Ridley Island, updates timeline for major projects


April 11-- Port of Prince Rupert sees tonnage drop in first quarter of 2014
April 7-- Happy 100th to the Grand Trunk Railroad  NCR
April 4-- Prince Rupert Port Authority speaks on PILT for Un-leased Port Owned lands
April 4-- Port PILT Dispute (video)
April 2-- A PILT primer from the Port  NCR


March 31-- Port CEO and President provides Port's view of taxation, PILT and community involvement NCR
March 12-- 'A Big Problem': Vancouver port labour dispute causes forestry logjam, draws ire of Stephen Harper 
March 6-- Container backlog at Port of Vancouver has retailers worried
March 3-- Vancouver Trucker's dispute could drive port traffic to Fairview Terminals


February 28-- Mayor hints to progress on PILT and other items with the Prince Rupert Port Authority NCR
February 24-- Prince Rupert Port Authority releases draft of 2014 Port Information Guide  NCR
February 20-- Prince Rupert Port Authority launches salvage operation on submerged ramp  NCR
February 18-- Prince George receptive to Don Krusel's trade message  NCR
February 14-- Port of Prince Rupert tonnage down to begin 2014
February 12-- Prince Rupert Port Authority offers 15 summer positions for post secondary students NCR
February 12-- Port President and CEO takes Trade Connects Us message to Prince George  NCR
February 5-- Rupert one port Hanjin may pull from: report 


January 29-- Prince Rupert Port Authority Expands popular Environmental incentive program NCR
January 29-- Prince Rupert Port Authority president and CEO addresses Westview Noise
January 28-- Prince Rupert Port Authority Accepting Applications for Community Investment Fund  NCR
January 27-- B. C. leads in 'clean' shipping Richard Branson says
January 23-- Transportation key to Energy Sector
January 23-- Transportation emerges as standout topic in Forum (video)
January 23-- Port of Prince Rupert set for $20 Billion in investment
January 23-- City Council to seek session with the Port on waterfront issues  NCR
January 20-- New aid to navigation to provide even safer transit of Prince Rupert Harbour  NCR
January 10-- Port of Prince Rupert hits another tonnage record in 2013
January 8-- Port access a plus for lumber industry (N View e edition pg A5)

Archive of items from 2012 and 2013

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