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Municipal Government -- Discussion Points from Prince Rupert Council 2014

Our Quick reference and archive of items from Civic Departments, or on issues that come up for discussion at City Council Sessions in 2014.

The Archive of our City Council Meeting Previews, Reviews and Timelines can be found here.

Prince Rupert City Council Race 2014 items can be found here.

Items of Note for 2014



Election Notes:

November 19-- Provincial media begin to seek out more details on Prince Rupert's new Mayor  NCR
November 18-- Prince Rupert Youth Vote Tallies deliver victory once again for Lee Brain  NCR
November 15-- Voters Send a mix of new faces and old hands to City Council for four years NCR
November 15-- It was a Brain Wave!!!  NCR
November 15-- And soon we get to the counting... NCR


December 29-- Brain looking ahead
December 22-- CityWest delivers cheque of $400,000 as distribution payment to City of Prince Rupert  NCR
December 22-- Council approves Rec Centre Fee increases; Non-Resident Landfill charges for 2015 NCR
December 22-- Council approves Capital Works Purchases and Projects, but now without some discussion on the Legacy Corporation  NCR
December 22-- Council changes Community Enhancement Grant Formula for 2015, with further review on the process to come in May  NCR
December 19-- Chamber of Commerce Airport Ferry study provides more material for City Council to Review in 2015  NCR
December 19-- BC Business places Prince Rupert last in recent survey of Best Cities to Work NCR
December 18-- School District on different page than City when it comes to Wantage Road Work Camp  NCR
December 17-- Council to consider possibility of creating Communications Director position for 2015 NCR
December 17-- Council examines Strategic Planning and Budget process for 2015 NCR
December 17-- Residency has its privileges when it comes to Landfill usage NCR
December 17-- Council set to approve increases of ten percent on Recreation Fees for 2015 NCR
December 17-- Council puts aside proposed Airport Ferry increase for now NCR
December 16-- Recycling Depot to shift into Holiday Hours over Christmas and New Year's period  NCR
December 15-- Increases to Airport Ferry and Recreation Fees among items on City Council Agenda for Special Season tonight  NCR
December 8-- Council schedules, then cancels Special Session for Today  NCR
December 5-- Council asks Staff for report on cost of Lot 444 Overview NCR
December 5-- Lot 444 Rezoning proposal gets official nod from City Council NCR
December 3-- Lot 444 goest to Public Hearing and Special Council Rezoning Session tonight NCR
December 3-- Mayor uses inaugural speech to preview approach ahead for Council NCR
December 2 -- New Council comfortable with level of information on Lot 444 rezoning proposal NCR
December 2-- Council makes appointments to a variety of Boards and Organizations NCR
December 2-- New Mayor and Council sworn in at inaugural meeting
December 2-- Question and Answer with Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain

November 28-- Prince Rupert Fire Rescue puts out the Help Wanted Sign  NCR
November 28-- Alaska Marine Highway Terminal renovations find a bit of international controversy  NCR
November 27 -- Council members make their farewells at final Council session NCR
November 27-- Work Camp proponents may provide partial answer to City's ongoing Housing concerns NCR
November 27-- Councillor Cunningham seeks update on Airport Renovations timeline NCR
November 27-- Bid to increase salaries of Mayor and Council stalls in final session NCR 
November 27-- Council pushes ahead with Work Camp plans for Wangate Road, despite rough reception at Public Hearing NCR
November 25-- SQCRD hears report on Transfer Station woes  NCR
November 25-- AMHS Terminal project on the radar for Canadian Business Group  NCR
November 24-- Provincial Ministers follow up on a few UBCM issues with Prince Rupert City Council  NCR
November 20-- Public Hearing on Wantage Road zoning proposal set for Monday evening  NCR
November 18-- Province of British Columbia seeks your input on Ten Year Transportation Plan  NCR
November 17-- Province of B. C. delivers money for Grants in Lieu of Property Taxes  NCR
November 17-- Lot 444 Information session set for November 25th  NCR
November 11-- Northern communities scramble to upgrade roads, bridges for LNG
November 11-- LNG puts infrastructure at the centre of B. C. Municipal elections
November 10-- Voting, as simple as filling out a lottery card!  NCR
November 7-- City to consider allowing for commercial space on Old Cow Bay Rail Bridge Deck NCR
November 7-- Council puts in motion plan to offer Free Transit on Election Day in Prince Rupert NCR
November 7-- Wantage Road area targeted by Council as a Major Project staging area NCR
November 7-- Legacy Corporation process to be explained through the City's website NCR
November 7--Lot 444 prospects to go to public meeting and hearing phases through next four weeks NCR
November 7--Airport Ferry to make a Ketchikan run for Spring refit NCR


October 29-- City's Engineering Department set to grow  NCR
October 28-- CityWest makes major changes to Board of Directors  NCR
October 28-- City Manager points towards City's Legacy Corporation for Dr. Faggetter hiring  NCR
October 27-- Changes in provincial liquor licensing still a concern for some on Council NCR
October 25-- Housing situation remains a high concern for City Council  NCR
October 24-- Prince Rupert Council to seek a Regional Approach to Marine Safety in wake of Simushir incident off Haida Gwaii  NCR
October 24-- Council's concerns on recycling go further than just the 24 Hour recycling station NCR
October 24-- City hires local oceanographer to conduct LNG study NCR
October 24-- Council hears PILT settlement review from City Staff  NCR
October 24-- Northwest BC Benefit Allowance outlines its mission for City Council  NCR
October 21-- Did Minister Stone lose his roadmap?  NCR
October 20-- The promises and challenges of LNG development for the North Coast  NCR
October 20-- Northwest BC Resource Benefits Alliance to make presentation to Council tonight  NCR
October 14-- City of Prince Rupert and Prince Rupert Port Authority reach agreement on PILT  NCR
October 9-- Mayor seeks third ambulance for Prince Rupert region NCR
October 9-- Council looks to re-address Boat Float situation with Port Edward Harbour Authority NCR
October 9-- A small measure of relief on the way for City's assisted living housing situation NCR
October 8-- Mayor provides review of Council's work at UBCM in Whistler  NCR
October 8-- Social Housing and Poverty issues get review at Monday Council session NCR
October 8-- Council explores range of options for Community Enhancement Grant Process NCR
October 8-- Following Westview Water issues, concerns over aging water system on Council's mind NCR
October 8-- Earl Mah Aquatic Centre Closure extended until November 3rd NCR
October 7-- BoilWater Advisory in Prince Rupert's west end lifted
October 6-- Boil Water Advisory lifted for Westview residents  NCR
October 6-- City to consider Housing and Social issues at Council session tonight  NCR
October 6-- City of Prince Rupert on the search for a Recreation coordinator  NCR
October 6-- Changes to Community Enhancement Grants process on the Agenda for tonight's Council session  NCR 
October 2-- 6th Avenue Bridge gets long anticipated pavement NCR
October 1-- City to launch "elevated flushing program" for Westview area on Thursday  NCR
October 1-- Nomination period for November elections underway; closes October 10th  NCR


September 29-- City of Prince Rupert issues BOIL WATER ADVISORY for far west side of the City NCR
September 27-- Premier Clark closes UBCM with a bit of history and a bit of forward thinking  NCR
September 26-- After a week of UBCM setbacks, City Council might have some additions for the Provincial Budget Consultations  NCR
September 25-- Mayor Mussallem rejects role for Prince Rupert in re-routed Northern Gateway project  NCR
September 24-- Minister Coleman seeks to reduce expectations of LNG tax windfall for Northern Municipalities  NCR
September 23-- North Coast delegates bring eleven resolutions to UBCM  NCR
September 23-- UBCM 2014 Talking Points  NCR
September 23-- UBCM convention underway at Whistler  NCR
September 23-- Earl Mah Aquatic Centre to remain closed until mid October  NCR
September 18-- Council giving thought to joining Northwest Alliance initiative NCR
September 18-- Grand opening of YPR shuttle facility offers a welcome change to local travel routines NCR
September 18-- Council hears review of Prince Rupert Airport renovation projects to date NCR
September 18-- Council to review truck route provisions and speed limit reductions on east side of city  NCR
September 18-- Council honours Gianna Evan's with William Booth Award NCR
September 16-- Young Rupertite Gianna Evans receives Award for Valour
September 15-- Review of North Coast LNG prospects offers interesting perceptions on local reaction to industry  NCR
September 15-- Soaring municipal pay criticized in provincial review
September 12-- Prince Rupert City Hall and Port Edward's North Pacific Cannery both nominated as one of BC's 100 best buildings  NCR
September 9-- Mayor calls for end to paper-bill fee
September 8-- Nominations set to open for Municipal/Regional District elections in November  NCR
September 6-- Everything you may want to know on fishing the Skeena in thirty minutes... NCR
September 5-- City claims Port authority still not paying full tax bill
September 5-- Prince Rupert Council adopts new purchasing policy NCR
September 5-- Paving schedule proving elusive for City and the Sixth Avenue Bridge completion NCR
September 4-- Port's PILT Payments, Watson Island revenue decreases highlight Financial Report to Council NCR
September 4-- Council takes CityWest to task over "pay to pay" cost for paper billing  NCR
September 4-- Watson Island dismantling to commence sometime next year   NCR
September 3-- Contract awarded to remove buildings at Watson Island site
September 3-- Recreation Department looks to fill some of the void during Education dispute  NCR
September 2-- Back-Country Society provides update on trail network planning
September 1-- The City introduces a new Recreation Director for Prince Rupert  NCR
September 1-- Passenger levels continue to increase for Digby Island Airport  NCR
September 1-- Council holds off on approval of new purchasing policy pending further study  NCR
September 1-- Council sends Lot 444 amendments back to staff for revision  NCR
September 1-- Mayor outlines concern over recent weekly newspaper article on Watson Island  NCR


August 26-- Start of 24/7 recycling pushed back to late September
August 25-- Sixth Avenue Bridge repairs nearing completion
August 20-- Local government critic discusses pending growth in Prince Rupert
August 20-- Housing dialogue to focus on change in Prince Rupert
August 18-- Prince Rupert 24 Hour Recycling Depot to be Open by End of September
August 18-- 17th Street Rehabilitation project in Prince Rupert well Underway
August 18-- 6th Avenue Bridge in Prince Rupert soon to be re-opened
August 13-- Prince Rupert City Council Votes Electronic for November Municipal Election
August 11-- Prince Rupert City Council Discusses Stopping Paid Parking at Atlin Lot
August 11-- Nomination time for Civic Recognition Awards  NCR
August 11-- Community Enhancement Grant Process now open  NCR
August 8-- Prince Rupert plans to spend 9.5 Million on landfill upgrades
August 6-- WatCo backer lashes out at Prince Rupert City Council
August 6-- City of Prince Rupert debating fee as Atlin Terminal parking lot losing money
August 5-- City seeks volunteers for Board positions  NCR
August 5-- Prince Rupert Landfill upgrades to cost $9.5 million by 2018
August 2-- Land Inventory Review highlights need for proactive planning NCR
August 1-- Airport Ferry and Recreation facility usage and revenues up; Watson revenues down in June Financial Report  NCR
August 1-- Council hears of Landfill expansion requirements  NCR
August 1-- Council gets agitated over Atlin and Rushbrook Floats parking provisions  NCR
August 1-- Mr. Krekic's DPA proposal heads back to the shelf  NCR


July 23-- Public Hearings planned for Monday regarding twin rezoning proposals  NCR
July 23-- Prince Rupert housing inventory complete
July 23-- Watson Island saga continues
July 17-- Plans in Place for a New Marina in Prince Rupert
July 16-- Prince Rupert Sets Date for Public Consultation on Lot 444
July 16-- Prince Rupert Continues Discussion with "Prince Rupert Living Concepts" about Development of Condos
July 16-- Prince Rupert working to Get Watson Island Back on Tax Roll
July 16-- City of Prince Rupert offers Watson Island LNG exclusive rights to former pulp mill site
July 16-- City of Prince Rupert targets Watson Island for LNG development  NCR
July 15-- City of Prince Rupert moves to protect watershed area
July 14-- Is Prince Rupert Council Overstepping its Lelu Island Observations?  NCR
July 11-- Bylaws, Buffers and differences of opinion for Lot 444  NCR
July 10-- Imperial Oil delivers an introduction to Tuck Inlet LNG proposal for City Council NCR
July 10-- Council hears details of Housing report NCR
July 10-- Presentation for Council puts a focus on Flora Banks  NCR
July 10-- Prince Rupert City Councillor Applauds Local Pubs for not Letting Kids in Bars
July 9-- Province provides Electoral primer for would be candidates in fall municipal elections  NCR
July 7-- City Council's Housing review might find Vancouver initiative worth a look  NCR
July 7-- 6th Avenue East Bridge to close Wednesday for restoration  NCR
July 7-- LNG Terminals once again on the agenda for Prince Rupert council  NCR
July 2--  City promises transparency in LNG dealings
July 2-- Manage mayoral expectations


June 27-- Hecate Strait organization highlights services to Immigrant community NCR
June 27-- Council to seek better access to Information on Dangerous Goods movements through the city NCR
June 27-- Council to consider forming a housing Committee to address housing issues in the community NCR
June 27-- City receives second $2.1 million payment from Prince Rupert Port Authority
June 27-- Prince Rupert prepares for future Economic Growth
June 27-- Prince Rupert City Council Votes to Keep Westview Park Land, Park Land
June 26-- Councillor Ashley to seek rezoning of industrial land within Prince Rupert, with an eye towards a ban on oil refinery development in the city NCR
June 26-- Council approve draft resolutions for UBCM travels of the fall NCR
June 2-- Watson Island "Burn Rate" estimated at 50 to 60 thousand per month NCR
June 26-- Woodside LNG looking a two options for Grassy Point LNG development NCR
June 26-- Lot 444 becomes a talking point at Council NCR
June 25-- Woodside LNG provides project details to Prince Rupert council
June 24-- Which Industry can you accept?
June 24-- Woodside Energy Investigates Land at Grassy Point
June 23-- City to take taxation and industrial development issues to UBCM in the fall NCR

June 20-- Tourism Board position available; details upon request?  NCR
June 18-- Where was the city of Prince Rupert when it all began?
June 18-- Volunteers need not apply for Prince Rupert firefighting
June 18-- Prince Rupert City Council commits to keeping Westview a park
June 18-- City of Prince Rupert to fight for Nav Canada flight services station
June 17-- Regional District looks to expand economic development options NCR
June 16-- The Recreation Consultant seeks a Recreation Director   NCR
June 16-- Province to consult Mayors, Community leaders on Northwest Transportation concerns  NCR
June 16-- Regional District seeks your opinion on Recycling  NCR
June 16-- Westview land parcels remain hot topic conversation for City Council  NCR
June 13-- Pinnacle Presentation provides a portrait of a plant still evolving  NCR
June 13-- City Council to launch letter campaign to address Nav Canada Flight Service Closure  NCR
June 12-- Lee Brain tests the electoral waters of fall  NCR
June 11-- City of Prince Rupert outline pay for employees and elected officials
June 10-- City of Prince Rupert fined $50,000 for 2011 Watson island chemical spill
June 10-- City of Prince Rupert to pay $50,000 penalty for Fisheries Act violation on Watson Island  NCR
June 9-- Council to receive Breakdown on Civic Payroll and Officials Remuneration tonight  NCR
June 4-- Was it ignorance or deception?
June 4-- Prince Rupert council told to protect trees on public, private property
June 3-- Mayor Mussallem shares thoughts with Cabinet Minister Oakes for potential Student Housing for NWCC  NCR
June 3-- Seafest recruits needed NCR
June 3-- City publishes Annual Report for 2014, with public comment period available on June 23rd NCR
June 2-- Recreation Commission tapped to make decision on Skateboard stencil Art project  NCR
June 2-- Pinnacle Pellet reps to update Council regarding ongoing issues on June 9th  NCR
June 2-- Council continues to have concerns about speeding issues NCR
June 2-- Spectra Energy updates Council on pipeline development and community outreach plans NCR
June 2-- A share of the LNG rush? City's newly expanded boundary to include proposed LNG site NCR


May 30-- The City provides its response to Watson Island case  NCR
May 27-- City of Prince Rupert discussing LNG terminal on lands across from Seal Cove
May 23-- Over 2.8 million dollars in Infrastructure funding available to Prince Rupert from Federal Gas Tax Fund  NCR
May 23-- Mayor Mussallem wants region to stay in the LNG race  NCR
May 21-- Mayor to discuss Doctor recruitment wit local medical professionals  NCR
May 17-- City receives approval of Province for Boundary Expansion  NCR
May 17-- Province to make Planning Grant Funding available to Northwest communities
May 15-- Property Tax Bills now in the mail  NCR
May 15-- Prince Rupert residents upset about smell, noise coming from pellet plant (audio)
May 14-- Taylor Lake recreation site on the mind of Prince Rupert Council NCR
May 15-- Council moves Sixth Avenue West re-development proposal ahead NCR
May 14-- Social Housing issues dominate Monday council session NCR
May 14-- Council to call on Pinnacle Pellet to address community concerns on West side of city NCR
May 13-- The city of Prince Rupert Calls on Pinnacle Pellet to find solutions to Odour and Dust complaints
May 13-- City of Prince Rupert wants Pinnacle Renewable Energy to be held accountable
May 12-- Prince Rupert's City Council seeks Homelessness Solutions
May 12-- Mayor Mussallem's comments on Highway of Tears gain national attention NCR
May 12-- Snippets from the Accountants outline lesser known revenue stream amounts for the City  NCR
May 12-- Municipal infrastructure projects may face delays according to FCM  NCR
May 9-- BCAA seeks your review of local roads  NCR
May 8-- Northern British Columbia officials gather in convention in Fort St. John  NCR
May 8-- And leading in the early, early returns  NCR
May 7-- Skeena - Queen Charlotte Regional District not the one to blame
May 6-- Mayor and Council to seek out more information on Regional District Spending  NCR
May 4-- City Engineering Department outlines its "To Do" list for 2014 NCR
May 4-- Council receives Poverty primer from local support agency NCR
May 4-- CNOOC and BG to join forces on LNG terminal development  NCR
May 2-- City of Prince Rupert holding off on Mariner's Park upgrades
May 1-- City of Prince Rupert wants to know how regional district administration fees spent


April 30-- Kaien Anti-Poverty Society in Prince Rupert Seeks City Assistance to Reduce Poverty
April 29-- Old Commercial Pub in Prince Rupert Soon to be Demolished
April 30-- Highway 37 a glimpse to Prince Rupert's future
April 29-- No Room for Electrical Upgrades to Mariners Park in Prince Rupert's 2014 Budget
April 24-- Prince Rupert's City Council Passes the 2014 Budget with a 1.2 Per cent Property Tax increase
April 24-- Prince Rupert Budget Final (video)
April 24-- Prince Rupert property owners will see 1.2 per cent tax increase in 2014
April 17-- Prince Rupert City Council tables budget discussions until next week
April 15-- Council defeats taxation bylaw motion; takes the issue to Special Session on Wednesday NCR
April 15-- Jobs and Community involvement key aspect of Pacific Northwest LNG presentation to Council NCR
April 15-- Mayor Mussallem provides brief outline of Watson Island Status NCR
April 15-- Council takes aim at Regional District Issues as part of their Budget concerns NCR
April 15-- Prince Rupert tax increase voted down as mayor takes aim at regional district funding
April 12-- Austin presses Natural Gas Minister Coleman for details on tax issues and other key items for Northwest  NCR
April 10-- Nothing for the public on Watson Island expenses?  NCR
April 9-- Why hasn't the City of Prince Rupert sold Watson Island?
April 4-- Prince Rupert Port Authority speaks on PILT for Un-leased Port Owned lands
April 4-- Port PILT Dispute (video)

April 3-- Airport Loan repayment plan, to cover off portion of city's airport transportation requirement this year  NCR
April 3-- Council gives Recreation Manager and new Commission time to examine Rec Centre issues NCR
April 3-- CityWest shakes the cushions  NCR
April 3-- The 1.2 per cent solution?  NCR
April 2-- A PILT primer from the Port  NCR
April 2-- Another Tax Increase Expected for Prince Rupert Residents
April 2-- PR Tax Increase (video)
April 2-- City of Prince Rupert hoping province will take over airport road, ferry service
April 2-- Ashley the star of Prince Rupert's budget process
April 2-- BC Housing says Prince Rupert sites hearing the end of life
April 1-- PR Recylcing Delay (video)
April 1-- Plans to Open Prince Rupert's 24 Hour Recycling drop off station delayed
April 1-- Waiting for those Trinidad recollections  NCR
April 1-- Council to meet in Special Budget Session Tuesday  NCR


March 31-- While we wait for further word from the City on the Watson Island situation...  NCR
March 31-- Inland support continues for bid to reverse proposed Ferry Cuts  NCR
March 31-- A hint of what a surge of North Coast Housing might look like  NCR
March 31-- Tis the season for Information Guides for education and recreation  NCR
March 31-- Port CEO and President provides Port's view of taxation, PILT and community involvement NCR
March 29-- BC Housing outlines the path ahead for housing on the North Coast  NCR
March 28-- Time for City Council to send a few files the way of their MLA in Victoria  NCR
March 27-- Court filing alleges City of Prince Rupert seeking other buyers for Watson Island
March 27-- No sunshine after all after Sun Wave Settlement - as the court room beckons again  NCR
March 27-- Access to popular recreation site won't be cut off
March 27-- CityWest, airport authority discuss Prince Rupert Council Budget suggestions
March 27-- City of Prince Rupert, provincial government debate airport road maintenance responsibility
March 27-- Prince Rupert pushes for Province support for airport
March 27-- Digby Island Access (video)
March 26-- Prince Rupert to play host to 2015 Southeast Conference membership meeting NCR
March 26-- Council holds back on support for proposed dry dock NCR
March 26-- Alaska Marine Highway System signs 50 year lease for Fairview Terminal  NCR
March 26-- City approves purchase of New Fire Rescue Vehicle  NCR
March 26-- Council approves zoning permit for Graham Avenue development  NCR
March 26-- City Council waits for more information before revisiting financial plan discussion NCR
March 26-- City to seek higher dividend from CityWest in 2014  NCR
March 26-- On buses, boats and planes and the financial pain of airport access  NCR
March 26-- City must be proactive
March 25-- Prince Rupert Budget Discussion (video)
March 25-- Zoning in place for condominium development in Prince Rupert
March 25-- City of Prince Rupert tables budget discussion to meet with Airport Authority
March 21-- Prince Rupert staff recommending 10.2 pre cent tax increase as budget shortfall looms
March 20-- Two mayors, a CEO, some background singers and the Prince Rupert pitch  NCR
March 25-- City of Prince Rupert tables budget discussion to meet with Airport Authority
March 25-- Zoning in place for condominium development in Prince Rupert 
March 19-- Prince Rupert mill rate tops in the Northwest
March 19-- City of Prince Rupert seeking money to accommodate growth
March 19-- Talk is cheap, if to the wrong person
March 14-- City Council hears of Province's Preparedness plans for Northwest development  NCR
March 13-- Prince Rupert drops further down the Moneysense ratings in 2014  NCR
March 13-- Council takes Graham Avenue Condo project to public comment phase  NCR
March 13-- City Manager delivers update on Recreation Department for Council  NCR
March 13-- Public concern over City budget planning not quite a hot button issue yet NCR
March 13-- City to urge for resolution of Exstew access concerns NCR
March 12-- Follow the Money: How the City of Prince Rupert spends its budget
March 12-- Don't let Exstew set a precedent
March 11-- Prince Rupert Living Concepts Presents Plans for Senior Friendly Apartments
March 11-- Prince Rupert Apartment Building (video)
March 11-- Northwest Readiness (video)
March 11-- Developers outline condominium proposal in Prince Rupert
March 6-- City seeks volunteers for its Recreation Commission NCR
March 5-- Report prepared by City of Prince Rupert shows ferry cuts could close businesses
March 5-- City of Prince Rupert pitching $1.4 million in tax increases with $590,575 coming from homeowners
March 5-- Prince Rupert boundary expansion now in provincial hands
March 5-- No plans for harbour authority to expand to meet demand in Prince Rupert
March 5-- Prince Rupert tax hike would fall at council's feet
March 5-- Mayor Obvious floats obvious trial balloon
March 4-- Prince Rupert Council to take Tax Sale resolution for consideration at upcoming Local Government meetings  NCR


Feb 28-- Mayor hints to progress on PILT and other items with the Prince Rupert Port Authority  NCR
Feb 28-- With survey in hand the Mayor heads off to the BC Ferries Committee  NCR
Feb 28-- CBC executives respond to Prince Rupert Council's concerns over local content  NCR
Feb 27--  City Council considers townhouse development for Graham Avenue Area NCR
Feb 27 -- City moves forward with Pool renovation plans NCR
Feb 27-- BG Group expecting between one and three LNG terminals to be built in the Northwest
Feb 26-- Helmet By-Law faces delay owing to wording NCR
Feb 26-- Two for the road?  NCR
Feb 26-- Council Budget discussions offer up flashes of anger, a bit of confusion and the desire for a workshop  NCR
Feb 26-- Boundary expansion plan gains City Council Approval  NCR
Feb 26-- Prince Rupert Council has questions for Port Edward Harbour Authority  NCR
Feb 26-- BG Group provides LNG primer for City Council  NCR
Feb 24-- Prince Rupert City Council Adopts Plans for 2014 Budget
Feb 24-- City of Prince Rupert Budget Plans (video)
Feb 24-- Utilities Invoices arrive for North Coast rate payers  NCR
Feb 22-- A new name at Economic Development?  NCR
Feb 22-- Prince Rupert! The unofficial Northern BC capital (for LNG anyways)  NCR
Feb 20-- Boundary Expansion Process comes to an end on Monday  NCR
Feb 19-- Rupert Ferry Comments (video)
Feb 19-- Containers downtown raise a question of fairness in Prince Rupert
Feb 17-- Mayor looks to add Municipal representation to Ferry Cutback response NCR
Feb 14-- City Council seeks to bring Social Services users and providers together  NCR
Feb 14-- City Council has concerns over CBC programming on the North Coast NCR
Feb 14-- City Council moves forward on Helmet By-Law  NCR
Febr 14-- Prince Rupert Port Authority and Pinnacle Pellet looking to address noise issues at Westview NCR
Feb 14-- Council shifts funding money from Tourism to the Library NCR
February 12--Tourism Prince Rupert to manage visitor info centre, but council cuts grant by $36,000 to fund library
Feb 12-- Containers raise question of how business friendly the City of Prince Rupert should be
Feb 11-- Prince Rupert Council to introduce Helmet by-law at Council session tonight  NCR
Feb 7-- The City of Prince Rupert Hires Consultant to Improve the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre
Feb 7-- Prince Rupert Civic Changes (video)
Feb 6-- Prince Rupert still awaits word of developments at Economic Development!  NCR
Feb 4-- Councillor Thorkelson looks to block some of the new Provincial liquor rules in Prince Rupert  NCR


Jan 30-- City hosts Community Service Providers Open House this Friday NCR
Jan 29-- A new face to solve old issues at Prince Rupert city hall
Jan 27-- City announces new committee members for 2014  NCR
Jan 27-- Prince Rupert City Council brings in a recreation "specialist" to increase participation  NCR
Jan 24-- City to launch Alternative Approval Process for Boundary Expansion plan  NCR
Jan 23-- Prince Rupert City Council sets in motion plans to create a Recreation Commission NCR
Jan 23-- Landfill and Recycling issues dominate Council discussion NCR
Jan 23-- City Council to seek session with the Port on waterfront issues NCR
Jan 23-- Traffic and road condition concerns aired at Prince Rupert Council NCR
Jan 23-- City of Prince Rupert changing policy to encourage more recycling
Jan 21-- Prince Rupert Port Authority Seeks Solutions to Public Complaints
Jan 21-- Westview Terminal Issues (video)
Jan 21-- Prince Rupert city council encouraging pedestrian and driver alertness
Jan 21-- Prince Rupert residents seeking answers around Westview Terminal issues
Jan 21-- Deadline for Election Response Review comments is coming up  NCR
Jan 13-- Prince Rupert mayor touts regional planning in 2014
Jan 10-- Garbage and what to do about it, of interest to Prince Rupert Council  NCR
Jan 9-- City has three key issues to discuss with the Province  NCR
Jan 9-- City to set course with Strategic Planning session NCR
Jan 9-- Council hears more concerns over Pinnacle Pellet Plant NCR
Jan 9-- The City of Prince Rupert greets the New Year with rate increases NCR
Jan 9-- Noise complaints pile up about Westview Terminal in Prince Rupert
Jan 9-- Westview Noise (video)
Jan 8-- Prince Rupert Council hearing noise complaints from residents near Westview Terminal

Archive of items from 2013 and 2012 can be found here.

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