Friday, January 10, 2014

Municipal Government 2014 -- District of Port Edward

Our archive of items about Municipal Government and Development in Port Edward

September 3-- Celebrating good corporate citizenship

August 28-- Trailer court in Port Edward being shut down
August 27-- Ribbon cut on Port Edward gazebo
August 27-- Hourly buses being considered for Port Edward
August 27-- Port Edward seeking fair LNG tax regime
August 8-- Federal Government invests in Northwest B. C. Harbours
August 8-- Port Edward Harbour Authority to benefit from Small Craft Harbour investment  NCR

July 30-- Boomtown Port Edward: Expansion imminent
July 22-- Port Edward Proposals point path towards expanded growth for the District  NCR

June 26-- Plans in place for convenience store at Port Edward turnoff
June 4-- Port Edward selected for Planned Performance Audit for 2014  NCR
June 2-- Port Edward Council seeks Government Funding for Low-Income Housing

May 30-- Port Edward council is pushing for income-assisted housing
May 17-- Port Edward is ready for development
May 17-- Province to make Planning Grant Funding available to Northwest communities
May 14-- Tensions escalate as fence comes down around Port Edward trailer court

April 29-- Port Edward Harbour Authority turns down floating lodge accommodation proposal
April 25-- Port Edward Trailer Park residents preparing to fight restricted access as infrastructure upgrades begin

March 29-- PTI group vice-president discusses plans for Port Edward worker lodging
March 19-- Port Edward residents fighting trailer evictions
March 6-- Port Ed Development (video)

January 23-- Port Edward residents want a Dog Park
January 22-- The push is on for Port Edward dog park

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