Monday, January 6, 2014

Seismic Event Archives 2013 and 2012

Our Archive of  Seismic events affecting the residents of the North Coast.


December 15-- 4.7 magnitude earthquake rattles west of Tofino  NCR
December 11-- 2.8 magnitude temblor off Vancouver Island at Ucluelet  NCR

November 9-- Twin Temblors off Vancouver Island today  NCR
November 8-- 4.8 temblor rumbles West of Port Hardy  NCR
November 7-- Tsunami Information Session takes place tonight  NCR

October 27-- One year ago, Haida Gwaii and the North Coast rumbled and a reminder was sent  NCR
October 24-- 4.0 magnitude quake off of West Vancouver Island recorded this morning  NCR
October 23-- 4.0 Quake early off Haida Gwaii Wednesday 
October 17-- A Shake Out today, in preparation for the real thing in the future  NCR

September 25-- 4.4 magnitude temblor near Sitka, Alaska NCR
September 21-- Saturday morning temblor on Haida Gwaii NCR
September 3-- 6.1 Quake Strikes between Haida Gwaii, Vancouver Island
September 3-- 6.1 magnitude earthquake hits off B. C. coast; 2 aftershocks follow
September 3-- Aftershocks expected to rock Haida Gwaii for days after 6.2 earthquake
September 3-- Strong earthquake, aftershocks strike south of Haida Gwaii

August 14-- Dwindling hope for hot springs return NCR
August 4-- Moderate earthquake rumbles off the West Coast of Vancouver Island NCR

July 27-- Twin temblors for Northwest of Port Hardy on Saturday afternoon NCR
July 26-- 5.0 earthquake strikes off West Coast of Vancouver Island NCR
July 17-- Haida Gwaii, Alaska quakes may be linked (N View e edition pg B2)
July 16-- Late afternoon temblor for Masset  NCR

May 26-- Southeast Alaska receives a Sunday evening jolt NCR

April 29-- Southeast Alaska shimmies with a 3.8 magnitude quake NCR
April 14-- Second rumble off coast of Haida Gwaii for Sunday NCR
April 13-- 4.2 earthquake off Haida Gwaii early Saturday morning NCR
April 6-- A Sitka Shake for Saturday NCR

March 20-- Quake causes rumours in Port Clements
March 14-- Multiple quakes rattle across Haida Gwaii on Thursday NCR

Feb 6-- Series of tremors offers rare research opportunity

January 31-- 6.0 magnitude quake strikes Craig Alaska overnight NCR
January 30-- More than 250 aftershocks from Southeast Alaska quake NCR
January 17-- In event of an earthquake, grab your phone book! NCR
January 14-- 5.4 aftershock along the Southeast Alaska coast  NCR
January 9-- Tsunami warning issued after quake (page 1)
January 8-- More aftershocks off southeast Alaska Tuesday NCR
January 7-- An earthquake that made news everywhere, but here it seems NCR
January 7-- Another rattle along the coast of Vancouver Island NCR
January 5-- 7.5 magnitude Alaskan earthquake puts Prince Rupert under Tsunami Warning NCR


December 31-- Rumbles to the south, rumbles to the north NCR
December 27-- A Boxing Day Bump in the night for Victoria NCR
December 18-- A string of small reminders for Haida Gwaii NCR
December 5-- Another knock in the night for Haida Gwaii NCR
December 3-- Magnitude 5.8 quake near Anchorage, Alaska... NCR
November 12-- 5.1 earthquake rumbles along Haida Gwaii NCR
November 12-- Province revises earthquake and tsunami alert procedures NCR
November 12-- 6.4 temblor for the Gulf of Alaska NCR
November 7-- 6.3 earthquake rattles along west coast of Vancouver Island NCR
November 5-- A new mystery after the Haida Gwaii quakes NCR
November 2-- More rumbling on Haida Gwaii NCR
November 2-- Mother Nature turns off the hot water tank! NCR
October 29-- Another Haida Gwaii Rumbler for Monday night NCR
October 28-- 7.7 earthquake strikes off coast of Prince Rupert (video)
October 28-- Aftershocks from Saturday night's 7.7 earthquake continue along Haida Gwaii NCR
October 27-- Haida Gwaii rocked by 7.7 earthquake NCR
August 8-- Mother Nature wakes the neighbours NCR
August 7-- A ticking clock for a major temblor NCR
March 23-- Tsunami flotsam approached BC coast NCR

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