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Transportation on the North Coast-- BC Ferries/Alaska Marine Highway

Our quick reference and archive of items pertaining to BC Ferries and the Alaska Marine Highway System.


December 29-- Alaska Marine Highway Fares going up in summer of 2015
December 29-- Despite reduced schedule, Inside Passage ridership up
December 24-- Tourism Prince Rupert / Chamber of Commerce speak out on Ferry Terminal Dispute NCR
December 23-- Alaska Ferry renovations shift from trade issue to political irritant  NCR
December 18-- More Canadian Anger Over "Buy America" Policy at Alaska's Prince Rupert Ferry Dock
December 17-- BC Ferries adjusts Thursday schedule owing to oncoming weather  NCR
December 17-- Canadian ambassador: Buy America restrictions on Prince Rupert ferry terminal unacceptable
December 16-- BC Ferries channels Santa, eliminates fuel surcharge as of Wednesday  NCR
December 7-- Northern Expedition schedule revised owing to weather  NCR

November 28-- Alaska Marine Highway Terminal renovations find a bit of international controversy  NCR
November 28-- North Coast MLA finds success in bid to remove extra charge on BC Ferries for wheel chair users NCR
November 25-- MLA Raises issues of wheelchair fees on BC Ferries  NCR
November 25-- AMHS Terminal project on the radar for Canadian Business Group  NCR

September 27-- B. C.'s transportation minister reveals a heart of Stone over impact of high ferry fares
September 26-- Province floats gas tax shift to ferries
September 25-- Discussion on BC Ferries issues highlights gap between Province and coastal communities  NCR
September 22-- BC Ferries converting Spirit Class vessels to LNG
September 22-- Switching to liquefied natural gas could save millions for B. C. Ferries
September 22-- Ferries to be converted to use LNG
September 12-- New BC Ferries report highlights cost to economy of recent fare increases/service changes  NCR
September 10-- Ferry Fare Hikes Killed $2.3 Billion in Economic Activity: Report
September 10-- Ferry fares' ripple effect hurts economy: study
September 8-- Regional District issues call for Nomination of Directors to the BC Ferry Authority  NCR
September 2-- Bleak summer for coastal ferry remake


August 25-- DOT draft plan calls for fewer Prince Rupert trips
August 22-- Alaska Transportation planners look to road-and-ferry solution in SE


July 21-- Traffic up on Northern Adventure, down on Kwuna
July 11-- Tourism operators in the Bella Coola Valley say they've had hundreds of cancellations due to B. C. Ferry cuts (audio)
July 10-- Mechanical difficulties put Northern Adventure behind schedule  NCR


June 30-- BC Ferry issues of concern to Interior tourism officials  NCR
June 23-- Alaska Marine Highway Terminal Plan moves forward with release of Environmental Management Plan  NCR
June 19-- BC Ferries to expand sailings for summer... for southern routes  NCR


May 21-- Todd is the stone in the North Coast's shoe
May 21-- Ferry traffic drops to Haida Gwaii
May 21-- Haida Gwaii feeling the impact of ferry cuts
May 16-- Northern Communities concerned Ferry Cuts will affect Tourism (video)
May 14-- Hey Victoria, this is our highway!
May 14-- Prince Rupert businesses losing out as space limited on Haida Gwaii ferry
May 14-- Regional District seeks alternate ferry service between Sandspit and Skidegate
May 8-- Space on Haida Gwaii bound Northern Adventure hard to come by  NCR
May 5-- MLA Rice highlights Ferry issues for Haida Gwaii in Legislature  NCR


April 22-- BC Ferries Service Reductions Take Away from Haida Gwaii Students Sports and Clubs
April 4-- MLA Rice raises Highway 16 and Ferries issues in Thursday morning session NCR
April 1-- Ferry Advisory Committee outlines "three realities" for Province regarding BC Ferry service NCR


March 31-- Inland support continues for bid to reverse proposed Ferry Cuts  NCR
March 30-- History exposes transport minister's claim about our ocean highways
March 28-- Snapshots from the City's Ferry Study  NCR
March 26-- Alaska Marine Highway System signs 50 year lease for Fairview Terminal NCR
March 25-- Ferry cuts to aboriginal tourism route will go forward, minister says
March 25-- Pressure on to Restore Northern BC Ferries routes
March 25-- Fraser Fort George RD opposes cuts to BC Ferries Services
March 24-- B. C. Ferry cuts set tourism efforts adrift
March 24-- BC Ferries cuts leave aboriginal tourism under dark cloud
March 17-- BC Ferries' Discovery Coast debacle turns into pure farce
March 12-- City of Prince Rupert's Ferry Study highlighted in Legislature debate on Ferry Cuts NCR
March 11-- Why is Victoria willing to sink a $1 billion tourism industry
March 10-- Ferry Cuts to be felt downstream
March 10-- Building more Ferries in BC would benefit the local economy: report
March 9-- Protest against BC Ferries planned for Tuesday in Victoria
March 6-- Bill would cut Alaska Ferry workers' salaries
March 6-- Study shows BC Ferries Service Cuts will impact Northern BC tourism
March 5-- Northern Ferry route cuts threaten tourism across the province
March 5-- Report prepared by City of Prince Rupert shows ferry cuts could close businesses
March 4-- Northern Ferry route cuts threaten tourism across the province
March 3-- Ferry cutback proposals may undercut British Columbia Tourism ambitions  NCR
March 3-- B. C. government committed to Discover Coast Circle Tour
March 1-- Take the Circle Tour of Embarrassment


February 28-- Ferry to be upgraded for Circle Tours 
February 28-- BC Ferries austerity program is based on false assumptions
February 28-- With survey in hand, the Mayor heads off to the BC Ferries Committee  NCR
February 27-- Minister says Ferry Cuts Going Ahead
February 19-- Who is charting the course for BC Ferries
February 19-- Rupert Ferry Comments (video)
February 18-- BC Ferries a bloated, inefficient and recessionary drag on the province
February 18-- BC Ferries warned service cuts could hurt tourism
February 17-- Mayor looks to add Municipal representation to Ferry Cutback response NCR
February 14-- BC Ferries math doesn't add up
February 12-- BC Ferries wants input on service cut options
February 12-- Ferry releases proposed schedules, seeks comments
February 12-- Cuts looming, ferry traffic surging
February 7-- Rising B. C. Ferry fares and service cuts an 'economic' disaster
February 7-- Liberals unlikely to suffer backlash from BC Ferries cuts
February 7-- MP to meet with Federal Minister on Ferry Cuts
February 7-- Cullen on Ferry Cuts (video)
February 6-- Full Speed Ahead for BC Ferries Northern Route cuts  NCR
February 5-- Province Steams ahead with Ferry Cuts
February 5-- Little relief for Haida Gwaii in Minister Stone's announcement
February 5-- Rumours of saved sailings in Sandspit


January 27-- North Coast Ferry Users Worry Medical Care will be Slashed with the Ferry Service Cuts
January 27-- North Coast Health Needs (video)
January 25-- Northern Adventure returns from refit, Northern Expedition heads in for one  NCR
January 24-- NDP send out an SOS on Ferry Services  NCR
January 24-- Northern Adventure Back Saturday
January 24-- Alaska Ferry Matanuska in Ketchikan for repairs
January 23-- Rice Asks Residents to Write to NDP about the Affects of Ferry Cuts on the North Coast
January 23-- Rice on Ferry Cuts (video)
January 22-- Ridership drops on Inside Passage (N View e edition pg A9)
January 22-- BC Ferries pricing themselves out of the market
January 17-- Ferry Protest Rally Saturday
January 13-- Ferry cuts to have major negative economic impact: report
January 13-- Severe Weather Forecast results in Sailing Cancellation for Northern Expedition  NCR
January 13-- Upgrade underway at Skidegate Ferry Terminal
January 10-- Ferry Traffic rebounds 
January 8-- Minister Stone still not available to talk Ferries
January 7-- BC Ferries outlines Schedule for All Native Tournament NCR
January 6-- Northern Routes spared BC Ferries increase in Fuel surcharge NCR

Archive of items from 2013 and 2012 can be found here.

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