Tuesday, February 25, 2014

BCTF calls for strike vote, set for the first week of March

Things appear to be going from bad to worse with relations between the Province and the members of the British Columbia Teachers Federation, with the BCTF making plans to hold a strike vote during the first week of March.

“Teachers care deeply about our schools, our students, and our communities. We don’t take a strike vote lightly,” said Iker. “However, this government seems incapable or unwilling to let the BC Public School Employers’ Association negotiate fairly with teachers. Christy Clark, her government, and BCPSEA are insisting on rollbacks, freezing wages, and ignoring the Supreme Court of British Columbia.” -- BCTF President Jim Iker outlining some of the concerns of the BCTF

In a press conference Tuesday and through a press release, BCTF President Jim Iker outlined some of the concerns that his membership has with the current state of negotiations with the Liberal government of Christy Clark.

Offering up the thought, that behind closed doors the Government was acting in bad faith. Suggesting
that in the opinion of the teachers, the government was continuing to provoke the teachers.

BCTF President Jim Iker
He added that the Provincial Government was conducting negotiations, as though the recommendations from the recent Supreme Court victory by the BCTF never were made.

Among those many issues that are of concern to the BCTF, one that would appear to be non starter from this point on; are the plans of the BC Liberals to have in place a ten year contract with the teachers of the province.

That proposal from the Liberals was rejected last June by 96 per cent of the BCTF membership. And judging by the comments of Tuesday, that won't be much of a discussion point moving forward.

In wrapping up the surprise announcement of Tuesday morning, Iker explained the mechanics of the province wide strike vote, which will be conducted March, 4, 5 and 6.

With results to be announced in the evening of March 6th.

The BCTF outlined that Job action, if recommended by its membership would take part in a number of stages. But would not impact on the following areas:

--result in immediate school closures or disruption for students.
-- stop teachers from participating in extracurricular activities
-- affect report cards or communication with parents

The final comment on the situation from the BCTF was that any escalation of job action would depend on whatever progress takes place at the negotiating table.

You can review more of the BCTF position points from the Tuesday press release.

Video of the BCTF news conference can be viewed here.

The British Columbia Government and Ministry of Education has not offered comment yet, on the latest twist in the deteriorating nature of labour relations between the province and its teachers.

As developments continue to evolve towards the March strike vote, further background on the issue will be updated on this article on the blog through the week and beyond.

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