Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Is a North Coast revolt brewing among CBC's Daybreak North listeners?

You might call it the people's review, of the people's network.

A short note on one of Prince Rupert's social media chat boards has issued a call to action for the listeners of the CBC's Daybreak North radio program.

The message looks to bring listeners together to discuss their thoughts on the level of Northwest programming that the CBC Daybreak North Team provides to the region every weekday morning from 5:30 to 8:40.

Organizers of the Sunday, February 9th afternoon session at the Prince Rupert Library are asking some interesting questions about the relevance of the CBC programming to the Northwest.

Among their discussion points for Sunday.

Have you stopped listening?

Does CBC reflect your life?

What about CBC and public emergencies?

Other topics that are to be reviewed what the CRTC might have to say about programming requirements and whether the CBC is providing a cultural narrative of the northwest.

At the moment, Daybreak North covers a wide swath of Northern British Columbia, with the CBC's main production studio based in Prince George. On most occasions during the broadcast period, local producer George Baker provides input for the show from the Third Avenue East studios in Prince Rupert.

For many that fondly remember the full service days of the CBC on Stiles Place, things have never been the same since Mark Forsythe, Neil Gillan, et al moved on to greater CBC glory.

The topic of CBC programming was once a main discussion topic at City Council sessions, a particular favourite topic of former City Councillor Eveyln Basso. So perhaps if the backlash grows, that torch will be picked up by one of the current six members of Prince Rupert's elected forum.

In recent years, the concerns over the change of direction of CBC programming in the northwest appeared to go into hibernation, with listeners apparently either adjusting or moving on to other options.

On Sunday, it appears that some of that discussion may begin to stir once again, at least for those that still believe that the CBC resonates on the North Coast

For those looking to provide their thoughts on the nature of CBC programming in the Northwest, the Sunday session runs from 2 until 4 PM in the multi purpose room of the Library.

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