Friday, February 28, 2014

Mayor hints to progress on PILT and other items with the Prince Rupert Port Authority

The lines of communication between the City of Prince Rupert and the Prince Rupert Port Authority appear to be open and in frequent use.

During his Mayor's Comments of Monday nights Council session, the Mayor outlined some of the recent conversations that members of Council have had with Port officials, covering a wide range of topics.

While quite short on details, the Mayor advised that among the conversation starters in recent weeks were a look at future of the Port's plans for Export terminal developments, land for future development for port logistic centres, as well as a conversation on the theme of waterfront development.

Of particular interest was his short summary of discussions when it comes to the PILT  (Payments in lieu of Taxes) process. With the Mayor stating that the Port and City are still working through the process and that the Port had offered additional funds as part of the process.

Though he wasn't particularly clear as to whether the city had accepted the funds at this point, nor what amount the financial offer from the Port was.

Considering the importance that the City puts on the PILT monies during the budget forming months, a bit more of a public overview might be required, not only for the six councillors around the Council table but for the public as well..

With the City starting off with its early budget discussions on Monday night and with some of the confusion that a few  of the council members expressed on the path ahead, having the PILT funding included and highlighted for the council members (and public) might be useful.

Providing some background on the process and what impact that it may have in the city's funding requirements and on the tax load that they currently have in place for the city's residents.

The Mayor's short review of the Port discussions can be found from the City's Video Archive, it starts at the 3 hour three minute mark or so and runs for about a minute.

We have more background on city Council developments on our City Council Discussion Points Archive.

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