Monday, February 24, 2014

Utilities Invoices arrive for North Coast rate payers

City Council's tidings of increased utility rates will be arriving in local mailboxes this week, with the city mailing out it's annual invoice for Water, Sewer and Residential Garbage services.

As we outlined on the blog in January, the rates for those services have been increased for 2014, with water rates up by 19 dollars, Sewer rates increasing by 19 dollars and with a 12 dollar jump for Solid Waste payments.

You can review some of the background on those increases from this item on the from January 9th, when we reviewed the discussions of the Mayor and Council regarding the nature of the increases and why taxpayers will have to dig a little deeper for 2014.

The invoice destined for your mailbox, makes for the hard copy of your required payment, with discounts available for those that have their accounts settled with the city by the deadline date. 

That due date is by 4:30 PM, on March 31st, the end of the business day at City Hall. 

Residents should make note of the variety of notes at the bottom of the notice, advising as to time lines for a variety of payment methods that the city will accept for payment of the utilities bills.

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