Friday, February 14, 2014

Prince Rupert Port Authority and Pinnacle looking to address noise issues at Westview

Mayor Jack Mussallem provided some encouraging words for the residents of the west side of the city on Tuesday night, advising that their concerns had not been forgotten by Council and that there may soon be progress at hand, regarding the noise issues of the Pinnacle Pellet Plant.

The Mayor provided some background on his recent meeting with representatives of the Prince Rupert Port Authority and Pinnacle Pellet regarding the concerns of residents.

Providing some background on the issue and the steps that both the Port and Pinnacle have been looking at regarding the situation.

During the course of his presentation, the Mayor explained that both the Port and Pinnacle Pellet were working to be good neighbours with those on the west side. With the work continuing to try and find a resolution to complaints that have been growing since the Pellet Plant went into production in the fall.

As well, the Mayor also advised Council on Tuesday, that the Port will be attending a City Council session in the near future, to discuss the Pinnacle concerns and other issues of interest to Council members.

We have more on Council Developments on our City Council Archive page and with our Discussion points from Council page.

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