Thursday, February 27, 2014

City considers townhouse development for Graham Avenue Area

For the most part, Prince Rupert City Council found much to like about a proposed town house development for the west side of the city.

Monday Council discussed some of the zoning by-law requirements that would be required, in order to set in motion the consultation process for a proposed housing development at the end of Graham Avenue.

As part of Monday's lengthy council proceedings, Council received a report from City Planner Zeno Krekic, which outlined the nature of the development and the steps required to take it to the public consultation stage.

During the course of his presentation on the proposed multi-family housing development he suggested that it would provide economic value to the region and said that the proponents had worked with city staff towards moving the project forward.

The main impression from the proposed development would be that of  a collection of six units in duplex style housing, which would appear to be directed for the most part  towards seniors or the recently or soon to be retired.

Following his review of the proposed town home development, Council members offered up a number of thoughts on the project, with many of the Council members offering up their enthusiasm for the style of development that was being requested.

Councillor Cunningham offered up the development as an opportunity to keep retired residents in the community a little longer, as well as providing a new stock of housing for those that may be returning to the community after being away for awhile.

Mayor Mussallem found much to like from the outline of the housing development and also made comment about the need to provide for new housing, looking to the future of the community

During the discussion on the proposal, Councillor Thorkelson sought out clarification on the process involved in providing for public notification and comment from area residents.

Councillor Carlick-Pearson also offered up support for the project but had concerns regarding any potential increase on the tax load of existing residents in the Graham Avenue Area.

Likewise Councillor Garon found much to like about the proposal. In the early stage of the discussion on the zoning application,  she outlined how she believes it would offer the opportunity for residents to retire here, instead of leaving town and offered up hope that the local residents in the neighbourhood would embrace the proposed development.

She and Council will no doubt learn more about that reaction in the weeks to come, the next steps for the project would see the City take the proposal to the public notification stage.

The last time a multi-unit west side development was brought to Council chambers, local residents in the Westview area provided for a number of reservations, gaining enough support within their community to bring that proposed development to an end.

The city will advertise the public notification phase of the proposal in the days to come, allowing for public comment on the nature of the development.

More on the development can be found from the City Council Agenda from Monday night (page 35) where the documentation provided for Council members can be viewed.

You can review the discussion on the development proposal from the City's Video Archive, the look over the plans and offer their thoughts at the 2 hour forty three minute mark.

We have more background on other items up for discussion on Monday night from our Archive of the February 24th session.

As well, more items of note on municipal issues can be found on our Discussion points from Council archive.

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