Friday, February 14, 2014

Former Lieutenant Governor Iona Campagnolo in a Vancouver hospital after fall

Iona Campagnolo, British Columbia's former Lieutenant Governor and one of Prince Rupert's most famous of daughters is in a Vancouver hospital after a recent fall.

Mrs. Campagnolo, now 81, suffered a spinal cord injury as a result of her fall, but is expected to make a full recovery. 

Her daughter Jennifer has provided updates to the media, outlining that her mother is looking at a prognosis of a three to six moth period to recover from her injuries. 

As a result of her surgery however, Mrs. Campagnolo will not be able to make a planned trip the Federal Liberal party convention in Montreal next week.

She made her mark in Prince Rupert first as a Broadcaster and then as a City Councillor, moving on to Federal Politics in 1974 as the MP for Skeena and a position in the cabinet of then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

Since leaving politics, Mrs. Campagnolo has held a variety of high profile positions in British Columbia, among them serving as the Chancellor of UNBC and as the first woman to serve as the province's Lieutenant Governor.

She has never forgotten her home town however, having made numerous return trips to Prince Rupert and Port Edward. Reconnecting with the communities where she had grown up. Most recently she was featured in a review of Cannery life on the North Coast.

Upon her release from Vancouver General Hospital, she will return to her home on Vancouver Island for further convalescence. Where we imagine the cards of support will be quick to arrive

Among them many from residents of the North Coast, wishing her a speedy recovery and with a wish to see back in the region in the near future.

Some of the media accounts of the news of her injury can be found below.

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