Friday, February 28, 2014

Pacific Northwest LNG submits Environmental Impact statement to Government Agencies

Heralding the announcement as "a significant milestone in the life of the project," Greg Kist, the President of Pacific Northwest LNG, outlined the background on the Environmental Impact Statement submitted to both the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency and the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office.

The filing of the Impact statement to both agencies launches the next stage of consultation and feedback for all interested parties in the project.

Once the Environmental Impact Statement has been accepted by the regulatory agencies and reviewed by their officials and First Nations representatives, a public comment period will get underway starting in the Spring of 2014.

As part of that process, there will be open houses, working group meetings and opportunities for direct comment from the public on the Statement submitted today.

Pacific Northwest LNG has already made some changes  to the design of the proposed facility, having taken into account some of the feedback already received through exchanges with local residents and stakeholders.

Among some of them:

The raising of the height of the proposed Lelu Island bridge and a section of the jetty trestle for marine users

Committed to a 30 m tree and vegetation buffer around most of the island to provide for a natural sound and light barrier

Construction of a materials offloading facility on Lelu Island itself to minimize heavy truck traffic

Changed the location of the proposed main flare stack, so as to decrease the visual impact for residents of the Port Edward area

And removed a bunkering fuel facility and propane storage site from the product design.

You can review the full media release from Pacific Northwest LNG here, the complete Environmental Impact Statement will be made available on their website once approval for it has been obtained from the two Government agencies.

Copies of the Impact statement will also be available for review at the Pacific Northwest LNG offices on Third Avenue in Prince Rupert.

For those looking for more information on LNG developments on the north coast, we have a wide range items available on our LNG Archive page

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