Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Boundary Expansion plan gains City Council approval

With Councillor Thorkelson providing conditional support and expressing concern over the process used to gain it, City Council voted to approve its plan to expand the City's municipal boundary to include the parcel of land that holds the city's drinking water supply.

The motion to approve the proposal and send the process on to the provincial government came after a one month period of consultation, through the controversial Alternate Approval Process, which required residents of the city to express their opposition at City Hall through a form available for the process.

The City Manager, Mr. Long reviewed the report and advised Council that there had been no interest received from the public regarding the initiative and it was now appropriate for Council to pass the resolution.

As we outlined on the blog last week, the AAP process was one that both Councillors Thorkelson and Ashley had previously expressed their reservations over, with Councillor Ashley unavailable for the Monday night session, it was left to Councillor Thorkelson to speak to that concern.

She recounted some of her thoughts on the theme, however, in this instance she voted to accept the motion and results of the AAP, mainly it appears owing to the fact that the land in question is land that the City already owns and is part of the city's water supply.

She did however, offer up guidance to Council that should they intend to follow up on the remainder of their expansion plans, that she would prefer to see the city take the approval process to a public referendum.

With no other councillors speaking to the motion, it was quickly passed and moves on for submission to the province for action.

You can review the short discussion on the theme from the City's Video Archive, the AAP results and vote on the motion starts at the one hour fifty one minute mark.

We have background on more items up for discussion on Monday night from our Archive of the February 24th session as well more items of note on municipal issues can be found on our Discussion Points from Council archive.

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