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City Council Timeline, Monday, February 24, 2014

Council settled in for what turned out to be a lengthy session for their final gathering of February, their workload on the night grabbing over three hours of time for discussion and review.

The session provided for a fairly full night of work for the City's Council members, the evening starting with a number of presentations.

The first from the proponents of the BG Group LNG terminal for the community who provided a bit of a world view on the LNG situation. Before the presentation sessions were over, City Council members would also hear from representatives of the Port Edward Harbour Authority and the BC Coast Pilots Association.

With those information gathering sessions over after the ninety minute mark, Council then addressed the range of items on the night's Regular Council agenda. Included in the night's work, a lengthy and apparently at times confusing account of the Budget Proposal moving forward, which left a few of the Councillors seeking a workshop to gain a better understanding of the financial points at hand.

Among some of the other items to be addressed through the night were a number of bylaw issues, some discussion on a proposed property development, the planned renovation to the Swimming pool, the opportunity to travel to the Caribbean to view the BG Groups LNG plant and the theme of BC Ferry cutbacks to service.

Prior to the Monday night public session, Council continued on with the common theme of the last year  that of the "closed session" of Council. With Council sitting in a closed session  earlier in the evening.

The timeline of the Regular public council the proceedings can be found in red below, tied in with the City Council video feed archived below.

Further information such as minutes and permanent placement in the video archive can be found below as they are posted to the city Website.

In Attendance February 24, 2014

Mayor Jack Mussallem-- Present  
Councillor Anna Ashley-- Absent 
Councillor Judy Carlick-Pearson-- Present
Councillor Barry Cunningham-- Present
Councillor Gina Garon-- Present
Councillor Nelson Kinney--  Present
Councillor Joy Thorkelson-- Present

Video Archive for February 24, 2014

0:00--2:00)  The Mayor opened the Monday session with the introduction of the Committee of the Whole process.

From that point there were a number of presentations to Council, under the category of Petitions and Delegations.

(2:00--39:00 ) The First was from Dr. Andrew Walker and Miss Madeline Whitaker, of the BG Group, who provided an update on the progress of the proposed BG LNG terminal development. The theme of the presentation was on how the LNG terminal was to impact on the global nature of supply and demand and some of the factors that it may provide for the community.

Councillor Kinney was the first to ask a question of the guests, inquiring what they would expect from the City of Prince Rupert. Dr. Walker outlined that projects such as these require a push to get them into existence, getting stakeholder alignment is key and that the project has to work for both BG and the community.

He suggested that the community should take the lead towards that alignment. He observed that over the years he had seen many of these supply chain projects fail owing to lack of alignment with the community that they are looking at.

Councillor Cunningham asked how many projects that BG believes may be sustained in the area.  Speaking as to the buyer behaviour aspect of the question, Dr. Walker observed that the likely outcome would be that the province would see three LNG projects in the region by 2025, but not on the same timeline as the province has outlined.

City Manager Long offered up his thanks for the guests attendance to City Council and for the scope of the answers that were provided.

Councillor Cunningham followed up with a question on the progress of BG's Environmental Assessment. Miss Whitaker provided the timeline moving forward with a filing anticipated towards the summer.  To his question as to when a start up may be, Miss Whitaker outlined that depending on the process ahead, a final investment decision could be made by 2016 with a potential start up of operations by 2021.

Councillor Thorkelson had questions on employment regarding the proposed development, asking if BG had any plans to bring in any temporary workers from out of country. Miss Whitaker took to the microphone again, advising that the first preference of BG was to hire local workers as much as possible, and that the company was working with the Premier's working group on labour to maximize the benefits for the local region first.

Councillor Thorkelson followed up with a question as to when that employment plan would be outlined, allowing the city to make plans for housing and other services that may be required.

Miss Whitaker advised, that the modelling on employment requirements work is still underway, BG anticipates coming back to the community later in the summer to outline some of their findings on the theme of a workforce for the project.

The Mayor advised the BG group that their information on employment requirements would be appreciated. Adding that the city has already tasked staff with the prospect of making plans for future growth and service requirements that may come from the development of LNG facilities in the community.

Mr. Krekic, the city planner asked a question of Dr. Walker, inquiring as to the market dynamics in place and how BG would gauge the LNG industry compared to the oil industry.

Dr. Walkers' answer provided a bit of a comparison between the two industries and the variety of factors that could impact on price points and supplies, with gas being more of a diversified market.

Following that exchange, the Mayor thanked the BG guests for their contribution to the evening.

(39:00--1:01:00 ) The Second presentation of the night came from Miss Kerry Weick and Mr. Dwayne Nielsen from the Port Edward Harbour Authority, providing an activity update on recent developments with the Harbour Authority which has responsibility for small craft issues in Prince Rupert and Port Edward.

The main aspect of their presentation was an overview of the different projects that have been addressed and are currently underway.

Following the presentation the Mayor asked if they had any plans for expansion at Prince Rupert Harbour, he was advised that at the moment, there are no plans to expand, though they have initiated conversations on the topic.  The Mayor offered the support of council on that initiative, by way of letters of support and other assistance.

Councillor Garon asked who sat on the Board of the Harbour Authority and who makes the appointments. She was advised that the appointments at the moment are made by the District of Port Edward and there are no appointments to the Board from the city of Prince Rupert at the moment.

The Councillor observed that it would be helpful to see more involvement from Prince Rupert on the Board.

Mayor Mussallem outlined some concerns over the different mixture of vessels in Prince Rupert Harbour

Councillor Thorkelson asked about commercial fishing representation on the Board, and suggested that a few more commercial fishermen should be appointed to the board.

She made comment on the appearance of the floats in Port Edward which she observed were much nicer than what Prince Rupert facilities offer at Rushbrook or the other floats in the community.

Her second question was on the theme of the North Float at Fairview and she inquired as to the status of the South float of that location.

The Councillor was advised that the facilities were updated depending on the state of their condition and which floats need to be upgraded on a priority basis.

With the Gill net fleet using Port Edward the most, fixing up that location was a priority in recent years.

As for the topic of commercial fisherman representation, the Councillor was advised that it's hard to attract their participation owing to the nature of their work and requirements of their fishing season.

Councillor Thorkelson returned to her theme of the state of the Prince Rupert conditions compared to those in Port Edward and the current burdens that they place on local fishermen.  Suggesting that it seems that the inclination of the Harbour Authority is to have the fishing fleet shift to Port Edward, an observation that those making the presentation advised wasn't the case.

Councillor Garon followed up about the prospect of more involvement in the Port Edward Harbour Authority.

Councillor Kinney asked questions about the need for improvements for communication between the charter boat users and others that make use of the harbour facilities. The Harbour representatives did state that they hoped to find a way to improve the situation.

Councillor Cunningham offered up some observations on the recent improvements and the needs that still are required for the facilities in Prince Rupert.

With those thoughts the final contribution to the topic, the Mayor thanked the Harbour Authority representatives for their contribution to the night.

As a parting comment, the Harbour reps advised that they were seeking to convince the Harbour Areas Association to host their next conference in the New Year. The Mayor asked for some background information on that for further review of council.

Following the presentation, the Mayor asked for any public comments or issues from the public regarding anything of concern.

(1:01:00- 1:02:30) The Mayor asked for public comment twice from the gallery on issues of concern and with no members of the public coming forward, the Mayor then moved on to the Regular Council meeting proceedings.

The background of which can found on the Regular Council Agenda of the night.

(1:02:30--1:04:30) The Mayor asked for adoption of the agenda for the Regular council session, as well as the minutes from previous meetings.

Councillor Thorkelson inquired as to when a report of Ferries was to be presented, the Mayor advised that would be part of his Mayor's report.

Petitions and Delegations from the Regular Council session

(1:04:30--1:41:00) A presentation from representatives of the BC Coast Pilots Association, providing an overview of their activities in the Prince Rupert area.  With Captain Fred Denning and Captain Robin Stewart  offering up some background on the duties of the coast pilots and their responsibilities in bringing vessels into Prince Rupert harbour.

Following the presentation Council was invited to ask questions, with the Mayor leading off inquiring as to which marine operators may make for the most efficient pilots on the North Coast. Asking if they subscribe to the belief that tug boat operators have the best knowledge of the local waters and make the best pilots. An overview of some of the requirements and standards for those that become pilots was provided for the Mayor.

Mayor Mussallem followed up with a small history lesson on the battle between Generals Wolfe and Montcalm and  the nature of marine knowledge from that event.

Captain Denning then offered up some thoughts on the relationship between the Coast Pilots and the Prince Rupert Port Authority which he described as very good.

Councillor Thorkelson, weighed in with some observations on the theme of coastal pilots on the north coast over the years.  She inquired as to some of the operational aspects of coastal piloting.

Captain Denning expanded on some of those themes for Council.

Councillor Carlick-Pearson was up next, asking if there was to be a more permanent presence of coastal pilots for the North coast.  Captain Denning outlined the nature of the staffing provisions for Coastal Pilots on the North coast, which feature at least three pilots in the community at all times.

She followed that question up with an inquiry on tugs and tug power for the region.  Captain Denning outlined that the tug requirements would depend on the nature of the shipments coming in and out of the Port.

Councillor Garon offered up her thoughts on the topic, inquiring as to how many of the pilots working in the Prince Rupert region were local residents.  At the moment only one of the pilots is identified as taking on the commitment to pursue the occupation from the Prince Rupert area.

The Mayor then thanked them for their presentation to Council.

With the third presentation of the evening complete, council moved on to its Agenda items.

Reports and Recommendations

(1:41:00-1:43:00)  Application for a Development Variance Permit for a residence on Seventh Avenue East Mr Krekic provided some background on the permit application.  Council adopted the motion for approval.

(1:43:00--1:51:00 ) Report from the Engineering coordinator on the topic of the Swimming Pool renovations-- The City's engineering coordinator provided an overview of the project, with background on the Request for Proposal that the city is to consider on the project. With a recommendation that the City approve the recommendations and accept the proposal from Williams Engineering.

Councillor Cunningham asked for an explanation as to the difference in cost between the two requests, he received background on the nature of the work required and the difference between the two groups and how Williams was working on other items with the City so potential savings could be found as the project progresses.

Councillor Carlick-Pearson asked if there as anything beyond the structural work to be done, she was advised at this point that is the only aspect of the pool project that is under consideration.

She then inquired if the city would find future savings for pool operations once the renovations were finished, the reply offered up the belief that would be the case.

Councillor Garon asked about the experience level that Williams has when it comes to such renovation projects as the Pool project.

Councillor Carlick-Pearson then inquired as to some of the other projects that the other company has taken part in around the region, she was advised that the reason that Williams was recommended was owing to their past work on pool projects in other communities.

With that the Mayor called for the vote and the motion was adopted.

(1:51:00-1:55:00) Report from the Corporate Administrator regarding the Alternative Approval Process on the City's planned boundary expansion.  Mr. Long advised council that the city received no public input on the process and that council could now move forward on the proposal and can now approach the province to expand the city's boundaries.

The Mayor outlined the parameters of the boundary expansion and council voted to give the motion is adopted.

Councillor Thorkelson offered up her opposition to the Alternate Approval Process that was in place on the boundary issue, but she did say she would be voting in favour of the proposed expansion in this instance.

She did suggest that if the city was to follow through on further boundary expansion proposals that they have under consideration, that they take the issue to the public by way of a referendum.

(1:55:00-- 1:58:00) Report from the Chief Financial Officer regarding the 2014 Five Year Financial Plan and Property Tax Bylaws process-- Ms. Corinne Bomben outlined the background on the two items under consideration from Council.

Advising that Council has completed a few portions of the consultation process required and then outlined the proposed public consultation schedule leading up to the adoption by council of the Financial Plan and Property Tax Bylaws by May 15th.

Council approved the schedule as proposed by Ms. Bomben.

Councillor Thorkelson asked if there were provisions in place for workshops to discuss the provisions of the Budget process in the form of a working party. She was advised that it was possible to put that recommendation into place.

(1:58:00--2:20:00) A Report from the Chief Financial Officer providing a presentation on the upcoming 2014 Civic Budget-- Ms. Bomben along with Christine Yew, the City's Finance Manager offered up a review of the process leading up to the Budget preparations, as well as a short video slide show on the theme, outlining a number of aspects of the Budget Process for Council to consider.

Her report was compiled after consultation with various department heads and made use of conservative estimates.

The status quo budget has been prepared with only those initiatives included, that are deemed as necessary.

She advised that it is estimated that it will require 30 Million dollars to operate the city services, with an additional 7 million dollars for Utilities Fund for a total of 37 million.

Among some of the main takeaways from the presentation on noticeable differences between 2013 and 2014 were:

All Capital purchases and works are to be funded through grants or operating surplus carried forward from 2013.

CityWest will commit to a dividend to the City of $250,000 for the city this year.

Assessment change has resulted in an increase in property tax of almost 1.4 million dollars, with a freeze of the municipal mil rate.

Contractual wage increases  and benefit increases will result in an increased cost of 605,000 dollars.

Costs associated with the Airport Ferry and Bus Operations are projected to increase by 145,000 dollars.

Staffing changes and increase in complement will account for 315,000 dollars

RCMP costs will increase from the 2013 budget by 190,000 dollars.

Energy costs are projected to increase by 41,000 dollars.

Increases in utilities funds will cover off any anticipated increases this year as they are self funding.

She then provided some breakdowns on where funding was allocated to various civic departments.

With assessment values from BC Assessments having gone up approximately 8 per cent, with that the city anticipates a hold on the municipal mil rate stemming from that assessment.

Councillor Thorkelson led off the questions for Ms. Bomben, seeking clarification on the difference between the 2013 budget with 2014.  She was advised that the figures used in the presentation were outlining property tax allocations.

She followed up that question with an inquiry on tax revenue change, and wondered what the tax rate increases would look like for homeowners in the community.  She was advised that the tax rate would not increase in the property tax bylaw, but that potential tax revenue would increase owing to the property assessment increases.

Mr. Long offered up the observation that the city will obtain more tax revenue, owing to the increased assessment value of houses from BC Assessment. With each resident finding their taxes increasing or decreasing dependent on their assessment of January.

The Mayor also advised that there could be changes owing to property assessment appeals.

Councillor Thorkelson then suggested that this would be a useful topic for a future workshop for Council, so as to clear up any confusion that council may have on the issue.

Ms. Bomben offered to bring in a review of some of the different assessed value changes on market changes and other scenarios related to the community property values and the changes to their taxable values.

Councillor Garon advised that there was a fair bit of confusion on the issue, a term that the Mayor took exception to, advising that she could speak for herself, but that he wasn't confused.

Undaunted Councillor Garon, said that she believed others around the council table perhaps were having a problem understanding the issues under discussion and that a workshop would be beneficial towards a better understanding of it.

Councillor Cunningham tried to put the discussion into brief understandable terms, suggesting that even with the mil rate remaining the same, taxes will be going up for taxpayers in the community, owing to the property assessments.  He did offer his agreement to the concept of a workshop on the topic.

Mr. Long suggested March the 10th for the workshop. The Mayor asked if that was a date acceptable for Councillor Garon, she advised that she wasn't available on that date, showing a flash of anger in tossing back the Mayor's comments regarding her confusion on the issue.

Councillor Thorkelson offered up a one more question on the Budget discussion, asking as to the nature of the Major industry increases and what accounts for that.

She wrapped up her thoughts on the subject, asking for clarification and providing observations on what portion of the total budget is run on taxes and of the large cost attributed to RCMP expenses.

Ms. Bomben explained that of the 30 million dollars required to run the city, only fifteen million of that comes from taxes.

Following that discussion, the Mayor advised all council members that they could always approach members of the Financial staff for clarification on anything that they have concerns over.

Councillor Thorkelson then reiterated her desire to have a workshop session to help clear up any confusion on the discussion, which provided Councillor Garon one more opportunity to agree with the workshop concept and again express her disappointment in the Mayor's approach and his attitude towards her questions on the budget issues.

The recommendation to receive the report for information purposes was adopted.

Correspondences for Action

(2:24:00-- 2:25:00) Request for Proclamations -- In support of a National Dementia Strategy, that council adopt and support the strategy and become more aware and engaged as to the effects of the disease.

The motion was adopted.

(2:25:00--2:27:00) Resolution that the North Central Local Government Association and the UBCM for a request that the Province amend the Community Charter and Local government Act, so a Municipality has clear title to a property as a result of the municipal tax sale process, can not be disputed in a court of law or other tribunal more than once.

The Mayor outlined the background on why the city wished to see this motion adopted, gain support from other municipalities and forwarded to the province. The main thrust of it, that allowing for only one right of appeal and avoiding the situation where the appeal can continue on for years. Suggesting that the current multi-appeal a scenario provides for a hardship for a municipality.

The motion was adopted.


Council then moved on to By-Laws for consideration on the evening.

(2:27:00--2:43:00) Non-Motorized Wheeled Conveyance Helmet Bylaw (3343-2014) -- Councillor Cunningham had concerns over the wording of the bylaw asking for a slight change in the terminology on the penalty phase and the waiving of a first offence fine.  Mr. Long offered the opinion that the wording was a matter of semantics  and could be changed, the Mayor pointing out that would involved additional steps from council to do so.

Councillor Cunningham then returned to his original thoughts on the bylaw and his interpretation of it.

After a bit more discussion on the topic, Councillor Cunningham then proceeded with his motion to change the word "may" and inserting the word "shall".

Councillor Garon had concerns over a different item of the bylaw, regarding parental supervision of those wearing the helmets, outlining further why she was against the bylaw as it was drafted.

Councillor Thorkelson, seconded the motion to change the wording of the bylaw, then added her thoughts on the issue of parental supervision regarding the use of helmets. Suggesting that a better option could be a restorative justice committee for matters of this type, however at the moment the community is not set up for that process at the moment.

Councillor Cunningham agreed with the theme of restorative justice, and he too made comment that at the moment the process is not available for this proposal. He then addressed the theme of youngsters who can't afford a helmet, but suggested that if they can afford the long board or skate board they could afford the helmet.

Councillor Kinney addressed some of the controversy on the topic and asked if the RCMP had been consulted on the nature of the bylaw, he was advised by Ms. Bomben, that yes the City had discussed the issue with the RCMP and this was the course decided on.

Councillor Carlick-Pearson also spoke to the issue, highlighting the theme of protecting youth in the community. She offered up some other thoughts, suggesting that perhaps there could be a helmet drop where those that have helmets and don't use them anymore, to drop their unused helmets off at the Civic Centre or local sporting good stores.

Councillor Garon then asked as to the nature of helmet expiry dates. Councillor Thorkelson advised that she believes that is listed in the helmet iteslf. Councillor Carlick-Pearson suggested that they are usually good for two or three years.

The motion to amend was adopted, with Councillor Garon in opposition.

Following that the original bylaw was repealed and the new amendment read into the bylaw for a second and third time.

Those motions were adopted, with Councillor Garon again in opposition.

The bylaw will return to the next council session for final adoption.

(2:43:00-- 2:57:00 ) Zoning amendment bylaw, (3344- 2014 ) Recommending to Council that they introduce and give first reading to the amendment bylaw instructing staff to commence the referral process and public notification.

The Mayor called on Mr. Krekic to provide the background for Council.

Mr. Krekic provided the review of a townhouse development proposed for the end of Graham Avenue, the zoning amendment would place the property into multi-family zoning and will require a development permit.  He advised that the applicants had been working with staff on a number of options for the property.

He suggested that the project would gain economic value and address development issues by going to a multi family approach.

He advised that staff generally approves of the application and advised that a call for public hearing would be required.

Councillor Garon spoke in favour of the application and hoped that the neighbourhood would embrace the proposed development.

Councillor Carlick-Pearson asked what tax implications the proposal would have on the neighbourhood.

Councillor Thorkelson asked for clarification on the nature of the zoning request, particularly in the case of the process involved.

Mr. Krekic outlined that this approach was being used so as to allow for ample time for the referral process. There will be a public hearing on the proposal, that date to be announced at the next council meeting.

Councillor Cunningham echoed the comments of Councillor Garon, offering his support for the proposed development.

Councillor Carlick-Pearson also offered her support towards the concept of development, but had concerns as to the tax load of the residents in the neighbourhood.

Councillor Cunningham offered some thoughts on his impressions on how the tax load situation might evolve, with or without the new development under consideration.

Councillor Garon asked of staff what the tax load might be, looking for a ball park figure from city staff.

The Mayor then asked the proponents of the development as to the anticipated tax levels, they offered up their reply off camera and off mic, so no information was shared with those outside of the council chamber.

Councillor Thorkelson then returned to the proposed development, asking for clarification on the images provided to council for review.

The motion was adopted.

Request for members of Council to travel

(2:57:00--2:59:00 ) Mr. Long outlined the nature of an invitation from the BG  Group which would see a member of City Council travel to Trinidad and Tobago as guests of the BG Group, at no cost to the city.

The motion was adopted.

Councillor Garon advised that she would be attending on behalf of Council and will report back to council what she learns from her visit.

Councillor Carlick-Pearson interjected at this point, advising that she too had responded to the request and wondered as to how the process of selection was determined.

Councillor Garon advised that she indicated her intention to accept the invitation following the last Council session.

The Mayor asked for staff to investigate as to whether two council members could take part in the proposed visit to the BG Group facility.

The motion was passed.

Resolutions from Closed Meetings 

(2:59:00--3:02:00) The Mayor asked Ms. Bomben to outline the release from the closed meeting. She released a list of names of appointments, with Mr, Peter Maksymysn appointed to the Library Board  to fill a term to July of 2014 and the appointment of Mr. Andrew Hamilton was reappointed to the North Pacific Historical Society for a three year term.

Councillor Carlick-Pearson raised a question regarding the appointment of Mr. Steve Robbin to the Recreation Committee, she wanted clarification on the city's plans for the Recreation Commission as Mr. Robbin's current term expires on March 15th.

She asked for the city to provide some correspondence with him regarding the planned change from Committee to Commission.

Towards that theme, the Mayor asked for a motion to advertise for possible participants in the city's newly formed Recreation Commission.

That motion was adopted.

Councillor Cunningham inquired as to the number of commission members that will be required for the Commission. The Mayor explained that the details are laid out in the bylaw.

City Managers Report

(3:02:00-3:02:30) Mr. Long observed that owing to the length of the Council meeting, he would defer his report until the next meeting.

Reports Questions and Inquiries from Members of Councils

No members  of council had anything to contribute for the evening.

( 3:02:30--3:16:00The Mayor's Report

The Mayor outlined his attendance, along with Councillors Garon and Kinney at an informal reception hosted by the Community to Community Forum Partners, along with representatives from Kitkatla and Port Edward.

He participated in  the Prince Rupert Liquefied Natural Gas workshop. He advised that the BG Group was indicating that it would make a business decision on their project sometime in 2016.

The Mayor reported that he, Councillors Ashley, Cunningham, Garon and Thorkelson had attended a meeting with senior staff representatives from the Prince Rupert Port Authority, receiving an update on current port related activities.

The Prince Rupert Airport Authority has reported that the total number of passengers facilitated at the Prince Rupert Airport in January was 3,946.

The Mayor along with Councillors Ashley, Cunningham, Garon and Carlick-Pearson attended a meeting with the Chairman, Board of Directors and senior officials of the Prince Rupert Port Authority,   to discuss future Port Development in the city, as well as waterfront planning and the PILT (payment in lieu of taxes) process.

The Mayor also relayed some of the content of those discussions with the Chairman of the Port, advising that the PILT discussions continued on, with the Port offering the City additional funds as part of the process.  The Mayor advising that those negotiations would continue in the future.

Councillors Carlick-Pearson, Cunningham, Garon and the Mayor attended a meeting with representatives of the Pacific Northwest LNG project, members of council had the opportunity to ask questions regarding the project.

The Mayor relayed that it's anticipated that the project will get underway in January 2015. The timeline of construction is some 48 to 52 months with the first exports expected to be shipped in early 2019. With the projected number of construction workers required by the height of the project to be 4,000 people.

The mayor outlined that the number of direct year round jobs expected to be created from that project is 330 people, with the indirect number of jobs projected to be at the 300 mark.  He advised that there will be opportunities for local companies and for local training, with more information available from the Pacific Northwest LNG office on Third Avenue.

The Mayor and councillor Cunningham attended the Open House hosted by MP Nathan Cullen, where discussion on the topic of LNG development in the region took place.

On the topic of B. C. Ferries, the Mayor outlined the latest developments on the proposed cuts to service, with the City and Tourism Prince Rupert having gathered information on how detrimental the reduced service would be for the region.

He also outlined the impact that the cuts would have on services and tourism across Northern British Columbia.

He advised that representatives of the City and Tourism Prince Rupert would be meeting with representatives of the Ferry Advisory Council for the North and Central Coast as well as BC Ferries representatives next week.

He then outlined some more background on the issue and advised Council that with the information now gathered, Council would have to decide on what strategy it wishes to put in place to address the planned cutbacks to the service and get their message across to the province.

Councillor Cunningham offered up a few of his observations on the topic, outlining the importance of the service to the region and how best to put the city's message across to the province.

The Mayor recounted some of his main talking points on the issue, as a closing comment on the topic.

Councillor Garon asked how many would be in the delegation to the Ferry Advisory Council session, she was advised that there would be three representatives to that gathering.

Councillor Kinney asked that the Mayor impress the importance that the Ferry service provides for health care on Haida Gwaii.

And with that, the marathon Monday session of council came to an end.

You can access the City Council Review page for February 24th here, where a number of items regarding the council session, including media coverage of it can be found.

As always, consult with the official minutes from the City, when posted to the website for further review.

Minutes Regular Council Session from February 24, 2014 

Minutes of the Committee of the Whole Meeting from February 24, 2014

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