Thursday, February 13, 2014

Over 1500 affected by Nass Valley Power Outage

Residents of the Nass Valley have been without power since Tuesday and with the weather situation less than cooperative at the moment, it appears that they will have to make do without power until Friday afternoon at the earliest.

A toppled hydro tower in the region is the cause of the hydro problems.

Located in an area only accessible by helicopter, BC Hydro is waiting for a break in the weather to try to install a new one to return power to the region.

A notice posted to the Nisa'a Lisims Government website outlines that BC Hydro currently has 9 work crews in the region to work on the transmission tower situation.

In the aftermath of the Transmission Tower failure, all schools in the Nass Valley have remained closed  over power and heating issues.

BC Hydro is hopeful of returning power to the region by 6 PM on Friday, weather dependent.

Further advisories for the communities of the Nass can be found here.

February 17-- Power back on for thousands of Northwest residents
February 17-- Power restored to Nass Valley Saturday afternoon
February 15-- Power still out for thousands in Northwest B. C.
February 14-- Stewart/Nass Blackout likely to Continue Til Saturday
February 14-- Hydro hoping to restore Power to Stewart/Nass Saturday
February 14-- Blackout Continues for Stewart, Nass Valley

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