Monday, February 24, 2014

Prince Rupert Port Authority releases draft of 2014 Port Information Guide

Some new reading material for vessels transiting Prince Rupert Harbour will soon be made official and available, highlighting procedures and requirements for those making a port call in Prince Rupert.

The Port's Information Guide for 2014 has just been released in draft form, providing a fairly extensive reference piece and review of procedures for the year ahead.

The document is a requirement of the Canada Marine Act and applies to vessels within the port limits of Prince Rupert and is required reading for all persons who are responsible for planning, operation, conduct and safe navigation in the waters of the Port of Prince Rupert.

The Information guide covers a wide range of topics that vessels must check off on, before making their way to dock side at any of the facilities that the Port of Prince Rupert oversees. 

Some of those items include notification times to be provided to the port prior to arrival, health and immigration issues, security measures, dangerous goods concerns and waste requirements, to name a few.

The lengthy list of requirements and oversight from the Port are fully explained and remain in effect for all vessels that make a port call in Prince Rupert. With the exception of those marine situations that are deemed as an emergency. An event which could then see some of the requirements waived, though the Port explains there are required steps in place for those situations as well. 

Beyond its official function as part of the documentation flow for users of the port.  The document provides a fascinating look into the day to day aspects of port operations and a bit of a window into the many requirements and procedures in place for those vessels that come into the harbour. 

It makes for an informative glimpse behind the scenes, especially for those that perhaps haven't given much thought as to the many requirements that  are in place to keep the Port working around the clock.

You can review the full document on line from the Port's website.

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