Thursday, February 20, 2014

Prince Rupert Port Authority launches salvage operation on submerged ramp

A relic of the days of break-bulk shipping at Fairview Terminals, has provided for a bit of a mess for the Prince Rupert Port Authority this week.

The Port outlined on Thursday the details on salvage operation at Fairview that is in motion to salvage a 185 tonne floating roll on - roll off ramp, which became partially submerged over the weekend.

The ramp which was located at the North End of the Fairview Container Terminal lost its buoyancy owing to corrosion on one of its pontoons, the ramp is still secured to the shoreline, but is partially underwater.

It has no operational use for the Container Terminal, an unused part of the past days of Fairview long before the container Terminal arrived on the local scene.

The Port has enlisted the assistance of local marine operators to mitigate the enviromental risks to the area, recover the ramp and it associated infrastructure.

You can learn more on the incident from the Prince Rupert Port Authority website.

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