Saturday, March 1, 2014

MLA's week February 24-27, 2014

A snapshot of some of the talking points from North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice, during this week's proceedings of the Legislature.

It appears to have been a quiet week for Ms. Rice, as far as for contributions in the Legislature for the North Coast MLA.

At least in the more public aspects of her work at the British Columbia Legislature.

Through the seven sessions of the Legislature for the week of February 24-27, MLA Rice did not appear in the index for any of the question periods, or through the other conversations of the morning or afternoon sessions of the week.

As for the committee that MLA Rice serves on, the Blues (Legislature draft minutes) from the Standing Committee on Children and Youth make note of a Session on Wednesday, February 26th.

But according to those draft minutes, there was no contribution to that forum from the North Coast MLA on the day of the Committee session.

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