Saturday, March 1, 2014

SD52 tests the real estate market with Kanata School opportunity

Perhaps with an eye towards the current high level of interest in real estate and the increasing values that sales are providing for, Prince Rupert's School District 52 has apparently decided to test the market themselves and see what value they could get for their Kanata School Property.

The east side school and its property which was closed in 2008, (the start of  a wave of controversial school closings in the city), has quietly been put up for sealed bid. With the School District seeking interest from the public by way of a small advertisement in the weekly paper.

In their request for bids, the School District highlights the availability of the 6.23 acre site and its access to services in a residential area. Advising that there is municipal support for single and/or multi family development for the site.

Should the School District find a buyer for its property, it still has to go to the province to seek the approval of the Ministry of Education to complete any sale arrangements.

There are currently two other school properties no longer in use by the School District.  Seal Cove School also on the east side of the city was closed at the same time as Kanata and the more recently closed Westview School, which shut its doors in 2010.

Neither of those are available for sale by the School District, with their eventual fate possibly to revert back to the control of the Crown.

Sealed bids on the Kanata opportunity are being accepted at the School Board Office until noon of March 24th.

There is no indication of the School District's interest in the real estate market on the School District website.

Neither from the minutes of recent School District meetings (most recent archive that of January) , or in any general information format from their media release section.

Those that may have an interest in the property or require more information are asked to contact Cameron McIntyre at School District 52.

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