Thursday, March 6, 2014

School District 52 seeks approval to dispose of Old Port Ed School Building

With the opening of new facilities for the Port Edward Community School at the District of Port Edward Municipal building, School District 52 has begun the process of seeking to dispose of the old building on Sunset Drive.

In a letter to Education Minister Peter Fassbender, Board chair, Tina Last makes the case that rather than turning the school over to the Crown as is the normal course of action for unused school properties, in this case she asks that the province allow the District of Port Edward to assume ownership of the property.

As part of her correspondence with the Minister, Ms. Last outlines that Port Edward officials have been in discussion with the School District, outlining their desire to take ownership of the property on an "as is, where is" basis.

She further explains, that Port Edward could make use of the property to generate revenue for the district and which would help them to repay the borrowing requirements, that were directed towards the construction of the new school.

Any decision to turn the property over to the District of Port Edward will require the approval of the Lieutenant Governor.

You can review the full correspondence between the School District and Ministry of Education here.

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