Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Community Transformation makes for introductory theme for Candidate Brain

The prospect of economic change for the North Coast has been a constant discussion point over the last few years. With many in Prince Rupert waiting to see just what that anticipated shift in fortunes might look like.

As the 2014 Election campaign begins to ramp up, we imagine even more attention will be directed as to where Prince Rupert and the region is going and how we may get there.

Mayoralty candidate Lee Brain offered up the first glimpse of what would seem to be his main vision statement for the 2014 election campaign, that of a community in Transformation.

With a short video of about ten minutes, culled from his campaign launch of a few weeks back, the candidate touches on the theme of some of that change.

A portion of his campaign preview was directed towards the prospect of the development of the LNG industry in the region and the kind of challenges that it may bring to the community.

While not mentioning any of the projects by name, he does seem to align himself with those who have concerns over some of the proposed sites for LNG development.

His comment to the effect of LNG being a good thing as long as it's "done right, done responsibly and done in the right location" suggests hesitation when it comes to some of the many LNG plans outlined so far, however he stops short of targeting any one proposal for rejection.

A cautious strategy which we have seen before,  most recently during the provincial election campaign, where we never quite gained any great insight into how our now MLA Jennifer Rice felt about individual LNG projects in the region.

Beyond the LNG issue, Mr. Brain re-introduces his theme of Re-Think Prince Rupert, making use of a lot of positioning statements when it comes to his main campaign vision statement, though he doesn't expand much in his initial discussion as to what a Re-thought Prince Rupert might look like.

There is mention of the need to change the way that Prince Rupert Council works, something that should make for a lively topic at any prospective all candidates discussion and a theme that many residents will be anxious to hear more about, particularly in the way that he would effect change around the Council chamber should he find success on November 15th.

Throughout the conversation at his launch, he advises that as the campaign moves forward he will be providing more details on how he would seek to make the community work.

The sooner that he expands on those themes will most likely aid his cause, providing a firm template of  what kind of change he plans to introduce to the discussion.

Providing the voters with a bit more to work with than what they currently know about the candidate or his talking points, most of which to this point have been very general in nature, without specifics as to how he would put them to work.

The  video can also be found on Mr. Brain's Facebook page, or through his newly created YouTube channel, making him the second candidate to make use of YouTube so far in this 2014 campaign.

So far both Mr. Brain and City Council hopeful Blair Mirau have made much use of a variety of social media options to spread word of their campaigns, offering up the opportunity for engagement from the voters.

It's a course of action that seems to be theirs alone for the moment, with little heard thus far from the incumbents on Council or new challengers for the positions available.

A situation however that may be about to change as the roster of those seeking office jumped significantly in the last 24 hours, with nomination advisories posted for both the Council race and that of the 2014 competition for the Mayor's chair.

You can keep up to date on the candidates and how to learn more about them during this 2014 election through our archive pages, with the latest Candidate listings found here, and further background on the campaign available here.

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