Sunday, September 10, 2017

Blog watching: Week ending September 10, 2017

The industrial footprint in Prince Rupert both current and future made for much of our blog traffic through the week, as readers explored a number of items related to the city's port infrastructure.

A serious incident at the Fairview Container terminal over the Labour Day weekend which required the closure of the gateway for a period dominated the news on the week, while our story on a proposed marine fuel terminal to be placed on the city's west side also generated a good number of looks from readers.

A number of case files from the Prince Rupert RCMP also found a strong audience over the last seven days, as did our notes on the growing push back from the North Coast on the application from Greyhound to cease service across northern B.C.

Civic politics managed to capture some attention among all the high profile stories of the week, with a fair bit of interest on the announcement from City Council that they were cancelling this months Committee of the Whole session, which includes one of the few opportunities for residents to raise concerns and offer comments on local issues.

The top story of the week however once again takes us to the Prince Rupert waterfront, where the Fairview Container Terminal made news after an incident required the port to close and  saw some workers taken to hospital.

Little known of incident at Fairview Terminal which sent workers to hospital and shut down operations Sunday --  Our first look at a workplace incident at Fairview Terminal generated a strong number of page views through the week, as did our update to the situation from Tuesday which noted that 11 workers had required some form of medical attention as events unfolded.  (posted September 3, 2017)

That article was followed by:

Wolverine Terminals outlines plans for development of marine fuel terminal on west side of city --   Our look from Friday at the latest proposal for a terminal development on the Prince Rupert waterfront found a large audience as the weekend moved forward.  (posted September 8, 2017)

Stolen highway bus leaves trail of burned rubber through downtown streets --  Evidence gathering wasn't much a problem for members of the Prince Rupert RCMP with a long trail of burned rubber leading to a stolen tour bus this week, the bus incident was one of a number of high profile crime files under investigation. Readers also found much interest in our notes related to the Break in at Rupert Lawn and Garden, as well as our item on the Armed Robbery at the Hays Cove Petro Canada. (posted September 7, 2017)

NDP government offers commitment to protecting reliable transportation in Northern communities -- The application from Greyhound seeking to end its passenger service across Northern BC continued to generate interest, in addition to the response from the NDP on the issue,  a large number of readers explored our item noting the creation of a local grass roots petition effort to take action on the issue.    (posted September 5, 2017)

Council cancels Committee of the Whole (and its public comment session) for September 11th Council session - As we head towards the only City Council session for September prior to convention travel season for our elected representatives and select city staffers, Council announced the cancellation of this month's Committee of the Whole Session, and made a change to how the public can participate in that open microphone portion of the City Council process.   (posted September 7, 2017)

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