Thursday, September 7, 2017

Rushbrook Trail project moves to new phase of development

Trail Closed! Work is now underway on the renovation to
the once popular Rushbrook Trail

(photo from Kaien Trails Facebook page)

With a bit of work scaling rocks and removing vegetation from along the cliffs of the Rushbrook Trail now out of the way, the work on the trail rehabilitation project now moves into the active construction phase.

The Kaien Trails Society provided the first update for the post Labour Day period yesterday, highlighting the work ahead as Bear Creek Contracting begins to dig in for the fall season of trail building.

Work began on Tuesday and as the weeks move forward, work on the trail will include the rebuild of the trail, while lock block catchment walls and three bridges will begin to take shape along the once popular walkway that leads from the Rushbrook Floats towards Seal Cove.

As the site is now an active construction zone, temporary fencing has been put in place to close the area to public access for the duration of the project, with the trail proponents asking that residents adhere to that closure and refrain from using the trail while the work continues.

The original timeline for the project indicated that the trail work would be completed by the end of the year.

Some of the recent background to the Rushbrook trail renovation project can be found below:

July 26 -- Port and Partners put 1 million dollars to work on Seal Cove/Rushbrook Trail plan
July 18 -- Seal Cove/Rushbrook Trail groundbreaking set for July 25th
March 13 -- Rushbrook Trail plans go to tender
February 24 -- For City Council, it's becoming a case of Government by Announcement
February 17 -- City of Prince Rupert makes Rushbrook Trail handover official
December 30 -- City looks to turn portion of Rushbrook Trail over to Trail Enhancement Society

You can keep up to speed on the progress of the project through the Kaien Trails Facebook page, as well as their website

More items related to the work of the Kaien Island Trail Enchancement and Recreation society can be found on our archive page.

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