Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Time to make the Shift ... into Winter Driving mode

This first day of October marks the date for motorists to shift their thinking from summer driving to the prospect of more challenging winter driving conditions, with today the first day when its required that you have Winter Tires or accepted All Season tires on your vehicle for transit in most of Northwestern British Columbia.

Anticipate a bit of a wait at your favourite garage or tire service centre for the next few weeks, as most of us click into the winter driving frame of mind and make the switch from our summer to winter tires.

While we wait for our spot on the work order, ICBC offers up some helpful notes on winter driving in the province and what tire regulations are in effect across BC.

The Ministry of Transportation also has some information on driving across the province during winter, noting of the very different conditions that can be found depending on where your travels may take you.

As those who travel the highways of the northwest know, the weather and road conditions can change in minutes and to track the latest notes on highways across the region you can access up to date information from the Drive BC website, with many advisories also shared through their social media feeds.

Drive BC
Drive BC NW

We also host an archive of the Northwest highway cameras here, for those seeking a heads up on their travels

More on the Shift into Winter can be explored here.

You can also keep up on weather and road conditions and events through our archive page here.

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