Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Prince Rupert Port Authority seeks bids for Deconstruction of Scotch Cap derelict in Port Edward

The Prince Rupert Port Authority is making progress on the removal
of the Scotch Cap from the Port Edward waterfront. With the PRPA
hosting an RFP with BC Bid for deconstruction work on the vessel 

(From the PRPA bid package)

If all goes according to the timeline, residents of the Port Edward area will have one of two eyesores in their harbour out of their view by the end of January.

The Prince Rupert Port Authority has posted a Request for Bids with the BC Bid website, the subject of their call for bids the "Deconstruction" of the Scotch Cap, one of two abandoned vessels in the Port Edward harbour which recently wreaked a little havoc on the Porpoise Drive Boat Launch.

In their prospectus for potential bidders the Prince Rupert Port Authority outlines some of the challenges related to the derelict vessel, high among them, the reality that due to the condition of the vessel's hull, the Scotch Cap can't be towed away, but must be taken apart piece by piece.

Among the Key elements of the Project: 

Removal of all waters, oily waters, hydrocarbons
Removal of all debris and hazardous materials
Complete deconstruction.

The Scotch Cap, beached near the Porpoise Drive Boat Launch in
Port Edward. The PRPA has initiated an RFP for its deconstruction.
(From the PRPA bid package)

Towards the timeline for work ahead on the 33 metre abandoned barge,  the call for Bids closes on October 29th, with the selection of the successful candidate to take place by November 8th.  

The work should be completed by January 28, 2022.

The documentation also notes that the Port received authorization from Transport Canada to take possession of the abandoned vessel in February of this year. As well the Port notes it will expect contractors to use reasonable efforts to employ individuals from the First Nations of the North Coast.

The two vessels have been abandoned on the Port Edward waterfront for over fourteen years and have often been the subject of the District's frustration. The concern over the dangers posed by the vessels was exacerbated in September when they broke free from their positions and drifted towards the public dock along Porpoise Drive. 

That facility was temporarily closed while the two vessels were secured to allow a return to access for the boat launch.

Once the Scotch Cap is removed, that will leave only the MV Fairwind as the remaining vessel of note for the District of Port Edward.

More items of note from the Prince Rupert Port Authority can be reviewed here.

A look at some of the frustrations in Port Edward related to the two derelict vessels can be reviewed from our Port Edward archive page.

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