Thursday, December 1, 2022

Tourism Prince Rupert offers up a sneak peek at Shipping Container market plans for Northland Terminal area

The promenade between The Northland Terminal and the Atlin Terminal
could look a bit different in 2023 as Tourism Prince Rupert makes
plans for development of a Container Marketplace in the space

As we outlined yesterday, the Prince Rupert Tourism 2022 Annual Report provides for a full overview of a busy rebound year for tourism in Prince Rupert, as well as glimpse ahead to a number of initiatives planned for the 2023 season ahead.

And if all goes well, one of the new features for 2023 will be the launch of the much discussed and much anticipated Waterfront Market, one which will make some creative use of the ubiquitous Shipping Containers that have come to define the city's economic growth over the last decade.

On page 22 of the Annual Report Tourism Prince Rupert outlines what it all will look like 

Tourism Prince Rupert plans to develop an outdoor vendor market in Prince Rupert aimed at showcasing regional small businesses and artisans to cruise ship passengers for the 2023 cruise season. 

In lieu of market stalls, refurbished shipping containers will be used, providing shelter and calling to Prince Rupert’s main economic driver – international trade. 

The marketplace will not only create a unique and colourful market area for cruise passengers to explore, but it will also provide a new opportunity for regional artisans, small business owners, and vendors to showcase their products to an international audience. 

The market will be developed initially to operate around the cruise schedule, the eventual goal is to also have weekly operating hours that will allow the market to service other visitor demographics as well as Prince Rupert residents.

Tourism Prince Rupert has secured funding through the Targeted Regional Tourism Development Initiative (TRTDI), via the Northern BC Tourism Association for this project. Tourism Prince Rupert will also be contributing Society funds to the project.

The planning for the Marketplace has been an ongoing thing for a few years now, we noted of some of the funding towards it back in May of 2021.

With the Cruise Industry for Prince Rupert set for some exciting times in the years ahead and what is expected to be some significant growth, launching the long awaited Shipping Container marketplace in 2023 will serve to add one more feature to the list of attractions for visitors and local residents alike.

Stakeholders in the tourism industry and those with an interest in the plans for 2023 will no doubt learn more about the season ahead as part of today's Annual Public Meeting for Tourism Prince Rupert which takes place from Noon to 1PM at the Highliner Inn.

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