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From the Legislature 2014

Items of note from our elected officials at the Provincial Legislature and developments in the northwest ridings .

North Coast
MLA Jennifer Rice (NDP MLA)
Member of the Select Standing Committee on Children and Youth
Expense Listings for 2014

MLA's Week Legislature Archive 
(our review of MLA Rice's contributions at the Legislature)

North Coast Riding website (no website created yet for MLA Rice)
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December 29-- MLA Rice reflects on 2014, looks to 2015
December 22-- MLA Rice heralds agreement between Province and British Columbia's midwives  NCR
December 17-- MP Cullen and MLA Rice to host Open House on Friday  NCR
December 17-- Hypocrisy: it's spelled NDP
December 12-- MLA Rice challenges Minister Rich Coleman's thoughts over rent controls  NCR
December 8 -- Final Missing Women Commission Report Update comes up short regarding Transportation Options  NCR


November 28-- MLA Rice wraps up busy week, by presenting Dodge Cove petition against LNG Terminal proposal to the Legislature  NCR
November 28-- North Coast MLA finds success in bid to remove extra charge on BC Ferries for wheel chair users  NCR
November 26-- Why isn't Rice defending us?
November 26-- Are we getting anything for our money?
November 26-- Horgan: Prince Rupert's future a bright one
November 25-- MLA raises issues of wheelchair fees on BC Ferries  NCR
November 24-- Legislature discussion on Bill 8 again reviews options for Nisga'a for LNG opportunities NCR
November 20-- The NDP's Horgan and Austin have some thoughts when it comes to LNG prospects for Prince Rupert  NCR
November 20-- Jennifer Rice recounts fundraising work of Jim Terrion, in support of bid for Terry Fox Day Act  NCR
November 18-- MLA takes need for Highway 16 bus improvements back to the Legislature NCR
November 17-- MLA Rice and NDP leader John Horgan see the sights of Prince Rupert  NCR
November 13-- BC NDP Leader in town Friday for party social event  NCR
November 8-- Prince Rupert Housing issues, Jobs and Training among items raised by MLA Rice during Legislature session  NCR
November 4-- Robin Austin takes charge of the Northwest discussion on LNG in Legislature  NCR
November 3-- MLA Rice outlines a number of concerns on Liberal Government's Bill 2 provisions on LNG  NCR


October 28-- MLA seeks more than promises on theme of LNG in Legislature  NCR
October 28-- Namu Cannery Clean UP requirements raised in Legilsature last week  NCR
October 28-- MLA Rice raises Medical Transportation costs on Haida Gwaii during Legislature session NCR
October 24-- LNG forum participants for the most part stayed within their comfort zones  NCR
October 7-- Throne speech delivers reduced expectations for Premier Clark's LNG ambitions NCR
October 6-- All about LNG as Legislature resumes sitting  NCR
October 2-- MLA heads back to Victoria with a number of issues to seek engagement over  NCR


September 17-- Provincial Electoral Boundaries hearings coming to Prince Rupert  NCR
September 10-- MLA's Ralston and Rice talk LNG in Prince Rupert  NCR
September 8-- North Coast MLA set to get back on the political grid in September  NCR


August 25-- Jennifer Rice on Haida Gwaii
August 6-- MP Cullen, MLA Rice to host Community BBQ on Thursday  NCR


July 25-- North Coast MLA retains critics roles under new NDP leader John Horgan  NCR


June 5-- How our MLA should spend her summer vacation  NCR


May 31-- One final question from Jennifer Rice before the Legislature session ends  NCR
May 29-- North Coast MLA joins debate on Bill 24 with thoughts on democracy  NCR
May 28-- North Coast Health issues raised at Legislature committee session NCR
May 28-- Jennifer Rice raises concerns on "systemic issues" from oil and gas industry NCR
May 22-- North Coast MLA Says No Consultation was Done by Province for Shuttle Bus
May 16-- Land, LNG issues up for discussion for MLA in Legislature  NCR
May 15-- "Can the Minister of Justice explain who they have been meeting with?" NCR
May 13-- Justice Minister Anton points to workshops, improved cel service as progress on Highway of Tears  NCR
May 13-- Northwest MLA's look for more conversation on LNG in region NCR
May 10-- MLA Rice takes local concerns on support for families to Committee  NCR
May 9-- Marine Planning session set for Prince Rupert on Monday evening  NCR
May 7-- MLA Rice speaks to mental health issues for rural and coastal communities  NCR
May 5-- MLA Rice highlights Ferry issues for Haida Gwaii in the Legislature  NCR
May 4-- Skeena MLA raises concerns over LNG Development Planning  NCR
May 4-- BC Liberal Government deflects NDP's Highway of Tears transportation issue NCR
May 3-- Lifting the Lid on MLA spending secrecy


April 30-- Highways 'safer' than in the past: B. C.
April 22-- NDP Tour Highway of Tears, Demanding Shuttle Service Along Route
April 19-- NDP MLA's to tour Highway of Tears
April 17-- MLA's Highway road trip hopes to end the tears
April 14-- MLA Rice raises issues on rural health requirements  NCR
April 12-- Austin presses Natural Gas Minister Coleman for details on tax issues and other key items for Northwest  NCR
April 11-- Nathan Cullen puts his support behind John Horgan for BC NDP leadership  NCR
April 7-- Infrastructure talk the concern of two of three Northwest MLA's   NCR
April 4-- MLA Rice raises Highway 16 and Ferries issues in Thursday morning session NCR
April 3-- MLA Rice suggests revival for land based search and rescue in place for North Coast  NCR
April 1-- Skeena MLA Austin seeks more info on LNG preparation in Northwest NCR


March 28-- Time for City Council to send a few files the way of their MLA in Victoria  NCR
March 27-- MLA Salutes Northwest Basketball Success at the Legislature  NCR
March 27-- Access to popular recreation site won't be cut off
March 14-- MLA outlines concerns over funding for Prince Rupert Family Counselling Service  NCR
March 12-- Minister to MLA: Support LNG development to support ferry service
March 12-- Access to Exstew at risk of being lost
March 12-- City of Prince Rupert's Ferry Study highlighted in Legislature debate on Ferry Cuts NCR
March 11-- MLA Rice seeks progress on Oppal Commission recommendations  NCR
March 8-- Khutzeymateen encroachment key concern for Jennifer Rice in Legislature  NCR
March 8-- Questions on Shuttle Bus for Highway 16 raised in Legislature by North Coast MLA  NCR
March 7-- MLA's Rice and Austin working to regain access to Exstew recreation area  NCR
March 6-- Skeena MLA Austin raises many questions regarding NWCC in Legislature Commitee Session  NCR
March 6-- Rice to Liberals: Risky to put all our eggs in the LNG basket  NCR
March 6-- MLA Rice joins in on Budget Discussions at Legislature  NCR
March 5-- New session of the Legislature, old questions on spending  NCR
March 3-- North Coast MLA rather quiet on LNG discussion in the Legislature  NCR
March 3-- Robin Austin makes Legislature pitch for new hospital for Terrace  NCR


February 22-- MLA Rice seeks BC Government commitment to Highway of Tears Shuttle  NCR
February 12-- North Coast MLA tops NDP Expense list for 2013  NCR
February 11-- Throne Speech all slogans, no substance says NDP
February 6-- Full Speed ahead for BC Ferries Northern Route Cuts  NCR


January 23-- Rice Asks Residents to Write to NDP about the Affects of Ferry Cuts on the North Coast
January 23-- Rice on Ferry Cuts (video)
January 21-- Province Upgrades Highway 16 to Class A Level  NCR
January 21-- Deadline for Election Expense Review comments is coming up  NCR

Archive of items from 2013 and before

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