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Industrial Development 2014 -- Northern Gateway Pipeline

Our archive of items on the Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal.

Northern Gateway Pipeline Project website


September 26-- Gitxaala win bid to challenge Northern Gateway pipeline in court
September 26-- Gitxaala First Nation granted leave to appeal Northern Gateway pipeline
September 25-- Mayor Mussallem rejects role for Prince Rupert in re-routed Northern Gateway project  NCR
September 24-- NDP Bill Would Ban Tankers Off BC's North Coast
September 24-- New Alberta Premier points to the North Coast for Enbridge alternatives  NCR
September 23-- MP Nathan Cullen Announces Bill to Protect the North Coast
September 23-- NDP introduces bill to ban oil tankers from northern B.C. coast
September 23-- Nathan Cullen takes his private members bill to the House of Commons  NCR
September 23-- Look at alternatives to Kitimat as end point to Northern Gateway, Prentice says
September 23-- Prentice says other options besides Kitimat for Northern Gateway plan
September 23-- New Enbridge ad campaign shows everything but pipelines

July 17-- Amakus Island grounding provides Enbridge opponents with a visual aid  NCR
July 8-- Edmonton Journal Opinion piece points Enbridge towards Prince Rupert  NCR

June 21-- Head of Northern Gateway surprised by backlash
June 21-- Hundreds participate in anti-Enbridge protest in Prince Rupert
June 18-- Northern Gateway Project gains approval... construction process far from assured  NCR
June 17-- Northern Gateway approval from Ottawa now means British Columbia must get on board
June 17-- Pipeline Primer: What you need to know about Northern Gateway
June 17-- Northern Gateway pipeline decision to come this afternoon
June 17-- 5 things to know about today's Northern Gateway oil pipeline decision
June 17-- Northern Gateway pipeline project: Where is support strongest?
June 17-- Enbridge's Northern Gateway: Things are about to get interesting
June 17-- Northern Gateway pipeline foes vow legal blitz if Ottawa approves project
June 17-- Feds to give final answer on Northern Gateway
June 16-- Northern Gateway opponents to push for referendum if pipeline OK'd
June 16-- Northern Gateway decision holds not easy political options for Harper
June 16-- PM, premier in a bind over Northern Gateway
June 16-- Northern Gateway pipeline decision awaited anxiously by world desperate for secure oil
June 16-- Cullen Demands BC Torries Reject Northern Gateway, During Question Period
June 15-- B. C. chief: "We'll do 'whatever it takes' to stop Northern Gateway
June 15-- Northern Gateway opponents prepare for provincial referendum
June 15-- Northern Gateway may be first big pipeline approved, last to be built
June 12-- MP weighs in on potential delay of Enbridge decision and impacts to the region
June 12-- Premiers, Former Cabinet Ministers Urge Harper to Approve Northern Gateway
June 11-- Enbridge Northern Gateway decision time nears
June 9-- Clock is ticking on Enbridge's Northern Gateway pipeline decision
June 9-- With just tend days left for Northern Gateway decision, blockades training underway  (audio)
June 9-- Northern Gateway pipeline decision expected from Ottawa in next 10 days
June 9-- Countdown begins for decision on Northern Gateway pipeline
June 8-- Northern Gateway pipeline: 10 days left for decision
June 8-- Deadline looms for decision on Northern Gateway pipeline
June 8-- Facts and Figures on the Northern Gateway Pipeline
June 8-- Northern Gateway pipeline could become Harper's biggest career decision
June 6-- Northern Gateway ruling looms (video)
June 6-- A New Northern Gateway Map to Prince Rupert?  NCR
June 6-- For Stephen Harper; no easy way out of Northern Gateway conundrum
June 6-- Northern Gateway ruling looms
June 6-- Harper won't fold
June 5-- Gitxaala Nation Plans to Challenge Enbridge Northern Gateway if the Project is approved
June 4-- Stephen Harper faces B. C. backlash during 2015 election if Northern Gateway pipeline approved: poll
June 3-- Majority in B. C. want Harper to delay or kill Northern Gateway
June 3-- Reject Northern Gateway, scientists urge PM in open letter
June 3-- Don't be shocked if Harper kills Northern Gateway
June 3-- Northern Gateway pipeline report 'flawed,' 300 scholars tell PM
June 3-- Reject Northern Gateway report, scientists tell PM

May 31-- Northern Gateway: A pipeline battle that's only just begun
May 29-- Northern Gateway pipeline may get the nod soon
May 12-- Rocky Road for Canadian Oil
May 7-- Enbridge to go slow on Northern Gateway in B. C.
May 7-- Enbridge posts jump in earnings amid First Nations' threat to fight Northern Gateway
May 2-- Harper's petro-folly: How Canada fumbled its post-Keystone energy vision of a gateway to China

April 23-- More animation to fight Enbridge
April 14-- Northern Gateway setback could mean opportunity for aboriginal energy proposal
April 14-- Kitimat Mayor says she will stand behind "no" vote on Northern Gateway (audio)
April 13-- Northern Gateway reportedly offering bigger stake to First Nations
April 13-- No might not mean no in Kitimat pipeline vote
April 13-- In Kitimat, 1,793 say NO to Northern Gateway  NCR
April 8-- Terrace and District Chamber of Commerce Enbridge Survey gave members a chance to have voice heard
April 7-- Gitxaala lawsuit claims process unlawful in JRP's Enbridge pipeline recommendation
April 7-- Northern Gateway vote brings out the door knockers  NCR
April 7-- Gitxaala versus Enbridge: battling for survival
April 7-- MPs reinforce opposing positions on pipeline
April 7-- Vote on pipeline 'tainted': MP
April 7-- While NWCC says No, others put Enbridge money to work NCR
April 6-- Terrace Chamber says it stands by Enbridge position
April 6-- Kitimat residents set to vote on Northern Gateway pipeline
April 5-- Time for Clark to prove she calls the shots, not Enbridge
April 4-- Kitimat council to decide what to do with pipeline vote results
April 4-- Kinsley on Enbridge (video)
April 3-- Skeena Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen to Door Knock in Kitimat before Enbridge Plebiscite
April 3-- From Keystone to Northern Gateway, pipeline execs admit "stumbles"
April 2-- Haisla First Nation Chief Councillor says Enbridge trying to buy Kitimat vote
April 2-- Enbridge hosts open house in Kitimat as plebiscite approaches
April 1-- Enbridge Open House Today in Kitimat, in Advance of April 12 plebiscite

March 31-- NWCC Enbridge Bursaries (video)
March 31-- "We have not bee properly consulted on impacts of Northern Gateway" Gitxaala Nation
March 31-- Northern Gateway, LNG project outcome "hard to predict" B. C. Premier Christy Clark says
March 29-- Terrace Chamber now officially supports Enbridge project
March 27-- Kitimat plebiscite vote campaign from Enbridge and opponents continues
March 27-- Preston Manning give Enbridge advice on 'winning' a big oil campaign
March 27-- Terrace Chamber Members Show Slight support for Northern Gateway
March 27-- Slim majority of Terrace Chamber of Commerce members support Enbridge Northern Gateway project 
March 27-- Upcoming Kitimat vote sparks Pipeline Ad campaigns
March 26-- Northwest Community College turns down Enbridge bursary offer  NCR
March 20-- Mr. Cullen takes his Northern Gateway message to Vancouver Island   NCR
March 19-- Enbridge survey deadline is tonight
March 19-- Green Machine gathers in B. C.
March 18-- Anglers say no to Enbridge run-of-river plans
March 18-- Environmental Group Urges Kitimat Residents to Vote NO on Northern Gateway
March 14-- Northwest Institute takes the Northern Gateway debate to your mailbox NCR
March 13-- Enbridge gathering names for pipeline construction
March 10-- Jim Prentice fights the odds in quest to save Northern Gateway
March 6-- No energy project has gained community's approval yet: Lax Kw'alaams Mayor
March 5-- Enbridge taps Jim Prentice to rescue Northern Gateway First Nations talks
March 5-- Harper's "Hail Mary"
March 5-- Why 'honest broker' Jim Prentice has his work cut out for him in Northern Gateway talks
March 5-- Jim Prentice tapped to broker deal between Northern Gateway, First Nations
March 5-- Enbridge turns to Jim Prentice for pipeline help
March 5-- Ex-cabinet minister brought in to soothe troubled Enbridge waters
March 5-- Enbridge purchases land at Grassy Point
March 4-- Northwest Community College to receive Bursary Award funding from Northern Gateway pipelines  NCR

February 13-- Gitga'at First Nation to hold meeting on Joint Review Panel and Northern Gateway  NCR
February 11-- Enbridge/ Northern Gateway proponents take message to social media and YouTube  NCR
February 10-- "Places and Pipelines" video looks at people's connection to land
February 7-- Battle looms over Enbridge project
January 24-- Pipeline in court's hands
January 24-- Legal onslaught highlights review weakness: NDP MP
January 23-- Enbridge speaks on Enbridge Northern Gateway Court Appeals
January 23-- Enbridge Court Appeals (video)
January 23-- Kitimat Council's Enbridge Plebiscite Another Example of JRP's Failure: Cullen
January 23-- Cullen Plebiscite (video)
January 22-- Courts asked to review pipeline report (video)
January 20-- Terrace Chamber takes Enbridge pulse
January 18-- Nathan Cullen finds Bitumen Study release "highly suspect"  NCR
January 18-- B. C. groups ask court to block approval of Northern Gateway pipeline
January 18-- Northern Gateway spokesman says lawsuit is premature
January 17-- Northern Gateway project called bad economics
January 17-- Environmentalists Try to Block Northern Gateway Decision in Court
January 17-- Northern Gateway pipeline report draws lawsuit
January 17-- EcoJustice Canada, environmental groups launch lawsuit over Northern Gateway report
January 17-- Three lawsuits filed against pipeline report
January 15-- Lower risk, less cash for B. C.
January 14-- Work going ahead for Northern Gateway Pipeline (video)
January 14-- Kitimat settles on date and long-winded question for Enbridge Northern Gateway plebiscite
January 14-- Holder says real work with Northern Gateway just beginning
January 13-- Northern Gateway overshadows Ottawa's Marine Safety project
January 12-- Despite rejecting Northern Gateway, is the BC Government doing everything in its power to enable it?
January 7-- Plebiscite to reveal Kitimat's opinion on Northern Gateway project
January 7-- Kitimat, key hub for proposed Northern Gateway pipeline, to hold plebiscite on pipeline projects 
January 7-- Kitimat to poll citizens about whether they aprpove of Enbridge's Northern Gateway project
January 7-- Kitimat Council Enbridge (video)
January 7-- Kitimat to hold non-binding vote on Northern Gateway
January 3-- Tories would be wise to pass on Northern Gateway

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