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Industrial Development 2014 -- Oil Terminal Proposals for the North Coast

Our Archive of items regarding the possible development of an Oil shipment terminal or Oil refinery on the North Coast and in the Northwest, including items of note on Oil by Rail proposals.

Items of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project can be found here

Items on the Proposed Kitimat Oil Refinery can be found here

Items that propose possible developments for the Prince Rupert region can be found below, or from our
archive page dedicated to proposals from Eagle Spirit Energy and that for the Pacific Future Energy Corporation.



October 28-- Oil refinery proposals and confers once again simmer on the North Coast stove  NCR
October 9--Discussion on Oil Refineries in British Columbia on Voice of BC (video)


September 26-- Local environmental group fears oil terminal development bound for Ridley Island  NCR
September 24-- New Alberta Premier points to the North Coast for Enbridge alternatives  NCR
September 8-- In Canada, can the farmer and oilman be friends on the rail?


July 6-- Edmonton Journal Opinion piece points Enbridge towards Prince Rupert  NCR


June 26-- Councillor Ashley to seek rezoning of industrial land within Prince Rupert, with an eye towards a ban on oil refinery development in the city  NCR
June 10-- Christy Clark to pass on oil debates surrounding ex-husbands company
June 10-- Christy Clark recuses herself from oil refinery proposal over conflict of interest
June 10-- Clark removes herself from oil refinery proposal linked to former husband
June 10-- Christy Clark to avoid oil refinery decisions after ex-husband hired by "world's greenest" project
June 10-- Premier shuns refinery decisions to avoid conflict
June 10-- B. C. firm has $10B plan to refine oilsands for Asia
June 10-- $10 billion bitumen refinery announced for North Coast
June 10-- "World's greenest" $10 billion refinery pitched to process oilsands crude on B. C. coast
June 10-- Pacific Future Energy Corporation announces plans for North Coast Oil Refinery  NCR
June 6-- A new Northern Gateway Map to Prince Rupert?  NCR


May 28-- No open door to oil for Lax Kw'alaams  NCR
May 9-- Oil is coming so let's do it right says Helin of pipeline proposal
May 6-- Eagle Spirit Energy's President Says Company respects Haida Nations Rejection to Oil Project
May 2-- Haida Nation rejects Eagle Spirit Energy Oil project


April 23-- Eagle Spirit Energy proposes crude oil pipeline for the North Coast
April 16-- Pipeline Proposal Raises More Questions Than Answers
April 15-- Eagle Spirit pipeline proposal faces First Nations opposition
April 15-- First Nations/Aquilini pipeline plan gets lukewarm response from oil opponents
April 15-- Destination Prince Rupert? As Northern Gateway stalls, Eagle Spirit Energy proposal is reintroduced. NCR
April 14-- Northern Gateway setback could mean opportunity for aboriginal energy proposal
April 14-- Burns Lake First Nation band pulls Northern Gateway pipeline Support
April 14-- First Nations, Aquilinis propose Enbridge alternative
April 14-- Canucks owners, aboriginal businessmen pitch alternative pipeline
April 14-- Rival pipeline proponent touts First Nations stupport in wake of Kitimat vote


February 11-- Plan to build $25 B refinery at edge of proposed Northern Gateway pipeline a 
'good compromise': B. C. Green MLA


January 13-- Safety of hazardous goods by rail in BC (audio)
January 9-- Oil-by-rail gathers steam as new capacity comes on line
January 6-- Alberta-BC joint study to explore viability of moving oil by train
January 5-- Oil by rail? BC  and Alberta report done, not yet public
January 1-- Pipeline projects unlikely to slow flow of oil by rail

Archive of items for 2012 and 2013

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