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Industrial Development 2014 -- The Fishing Industry

Our archive of items of note on developments in the Fishing sector of the Northwest


November 26-- Fishermen lament disappointed they couldn't fish as many as 750,000 sockeye passing by (audio)

October 19-- New $9 million vessel will transport farmed fish, and the owner isn't apologizing

September 16-- Fraser River's sockeye salmon run size uncertain, but 'great'
September 6-- Everything you may want to know on fishing the Skeena in thirty minutes  NCR
September 4-- "Fishing the hell" out of B. C. sockeye may be best way to preserve stocks, UBC professor says

August 12-- Deformed Salmon Reported in Skeena River
August 11-- Fraser River sockeye salmon fishery open for business
August 7-- Salmon expert: Tailings pond leak won't affect sockeye salmon run
August 6-- This year's sockeye salmon run is off to a good start
August 1-- Openings announced for prized Fraser River sockeye fishery in B. C.
August 1-- Sockeye salmon begins with limited openings
August 1-- 240,000 Sockeye expected in Early Stuart Run
August 1-- Fishermen preparing for busy salmon season (video)
August 1-- Sockeye openings start despite survival concerns

July 31-- Looking into the crystal ball for Fraser River Sockeye returns
July 27-- Helicopter rescue aids Tahltan salmon
July 26-- Hope soars for new sockeye record as big cycle returns to B. C.'s Fraser River
July 25-- Caught off-guard by 2010's sockeye record, processing plants have geared up for a repeat
July 21-- Three from North Coast convicted of Fisheries violations  NCR
July 21-- Hyper-abundant pink salmon are outcompeting wild sockeye
July 18-- Fishermen's Agreement Helps Preserve Sockeye Salmon
July 18-- Fishermen Sentenced for Illegal Salmon Sales
July 17-- Conservationists push for stock selective salmon fishing in B. C. (video)
July 17-- Rock slide spawns the great salmon rescue of Telegraph Creek (audio)
July 14-- Canfisco Fishing Plant in Prince Rupert predicts less Salmon Returns in Nass and Skeena than last Season
July 10-- Massive sockeye salmon run expected this year as first fish spotted entering Stuart River

May 22-- NAFTA environmental body recommends probe of Canada's regulation of fish farms
May 21-- Ministers say salmon not being restored in Fraser River
May 15-- First Nation threatening fisheries blockade waits for DFO's call
May 14-- Researchers say farmed salmon escapes aren't being tracked by DFO (audio)
May 9--  Federal Plan for "geoduck" fishing pushes First Nation to threaten blockade
May 5-- Skeena MLA Austin outlines Northwest Aquaculture concerns at Committee session NCR

April 12-- Without Better Science, BC's Herring Crisis Could Resurface
April 3-- Heiltsuk Vow to Disrupt Central Coast Fisheries Reopening
April 1-- Herring Fishery issues heating up on the Central Coast  NCR

March 30-- RCMP descend on native community on central coast to keep the peace in herring fishery row
March 17-- Fishermen fear continued erosion of B. C. Herring industry
March 5-- Herring roe fishermen told to steer clear of Haida Gwaii waters
March 1-- BC Fishermen stuck in Middle of DFO Legal Battle

February 12-- North Coast Fishermen Voice concerns About the Proposed Individual Transferable Quota System
February 10-- Leaders of Haida Gwaii, the Central Coast and the West Coast of Vancouver Island Oppose Herring Fisheries on their Territory
February 7-- Proposed Herring Fishery Angers First Nations
February 7-- United Fishermen and Allied Workers' Union concerned about Proposed Changes to Salmon Fishery
February 7-- Salmon Fishery Changes (video)
February 5-- Changes to salmon fishery causing concern among Prince Rupert fishermen

January 22-- International Pacific Halibut Commission Releases 2014 Catch Limits
January 22-- Pacific Halibut Report (video)
January 20-- Federal Government lifts freeze on Salmon Farming

Archive of items from 2012 and 2013

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