Thursday, January 9, 2014

Industrial Development 2014 -- Pinnacle Pellet Plant

Our quick reference and archive of items pertaining to operation of the Pinnacle Pellet Plant in Prince Rupert.

Pinnacle Pellet website


August 27-- Clarifying Westview dust readings
August 20-- Westview dust above B. C. guidelines in June

July 30-- Pinnacle provides update on improvements at Prince Rupert export terminal

June 18-- Trouble with the terminal: Frustrations abound surrounding Westview Terminal
June 18-- Where was the City of Prince Rupert when it all began?
June 13-- Pinnacle Presentation provides a portrait of a plant still evolving  NCR
June 2-- Pinnacle Pellet reps to update Council regarding ongoing issues on June 9th  NCR

May 15-- Prince Rupert residents upset about smell, noise coming from pellet plant (audio)
May 15-- Prince Rupert Port Authority Works with Pinnacle Pellet to Reduce Dust and Odour from site
May 14-- Prince Rupert Residents say Dust, Odours, Coming from Pellet mill
May 14-- Council to call on Pinnacle Pellet to address community concerns on West side of city  NCR
May 13-- The city of Prince Rupert Calls on Pinnacle Pellet to find Solutions to Odour and Dust complaints
May 13-- City of Prince Rupert wants Pinnacle Renewalble Energy to be held accountable

February 26-- Westview Terminal noise complaints plummet

January 29-- Prince Rupert Port Authority president and CEO addresses Westview Noise
January 23-- City Council to seek session with the Port on waterfront issues NCR
January 21-- Prince Rupert Port Authority seeks solutions to Public complaints about Westeview Terminal
January 16-- Coast Tsimshian Resources and Pinnacle Renewable Energy work toward pellet plant in Terrace  NCR
January 16-- Pinnacle Pellet dual award winner for 2013  NCR
January 14-- Pellet plant could solve northwest waste wood woes
January 9-- Council hears of more concerns over Pinnacle Pellet Plant  NCR
January 9-- Noise complaints pile up about Westview Terminal in Prince Rupert
January 9-- Westview Noise (video)
January 7-- Prince Rupert council hearing noise complaints from residents near Westview Terminal

Archive of items from 2012 and 2013

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