Thursday, January 9, 2014

Municipal Government 2014 -- District of Kitimat

Our Quick reference and archive of items from Kitimat that come up for discussion  in 2014.

District of Kitimat website

Items of Note for 2014

July 18-- Study concludes Kitimat Airshed Can Safely Accommodate Industrial Growth
July 17-- Kitimat Airshed Report Expected
July 8-- Kitimat Townhouse Development Faces opposition

June 17-- Sale of Kitimat Hospital Lands to Haisla Announced Today

May 27-- Kitimat Calls for Delay in Marine Planning
May 17-- Province to make Planning Grant Funding available to Northwest communities
May 6-- Kitimat Council endorses David Black's Proposed Refinery

April 24-- Kitimat's Super Value Lease Extended
April 23-- Kitimat Council takes stance against Enbridge
April 23-- SuperValue set to close in Kitimat
April 8-- LNG dreams power Kitimat housing boom

March 28-- Upcoming Kitimat vote sparks pipeline ad campaign
March 27-- Kitimat plebiscite vote campaign from Enbridge and opponents continues
March 10-- Housing answer floats into Kitimat
March 7-- Kitimat's surge in growth gains notice in Vancouver media circles  NCR
March 5-- Municipalities want say in regulating work camps
March 3-- Regional Districts Switch 911 Service
March 3-- Flotel in BC (video)
March 3-- Silja Festival ferry docks in Vancouver for retrofit as Kitimat hotel
March 3-- Kitimat's New "Flotel" Arrives in BC Waters

February 26-- Kitimat's poor being "renovicted" from city because of boom, mayor says
February 7-- The District of Kitimat Works with Province to Plan for Future Industry Growth
February 7-- Researchers continue probe into Kitimat life (N Conn pg A2)

January 14-- Kitimat council hammers out plebiscite details
January 10-- Kitimat assessments leading the pack (N Conn Pg A3)
January 7-- Plebiscite to reveal Kitimat's opinion on Northern Gateway project
January 7-- Kitimat, key hub for proposed Northern Gateway pipeline, to hold plebiscite on pipeline projects 
January 7-- Kitimat to poll citizens about whether they aprpove of Enbridge's Northern Gateway project
January 7-- Kitimat Council Enbridge (video)
January 7-- Kitimat to hold Non-Binding Vote on Northern Gateway
January 2-- Property assessments up Sharply in Kitimat again

Archive of items from 2013 and 2012 can be found here.

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