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Municipal Government 2014 -- City of Terrace

Our Quick reference and archive of items from Terrace that come up for discussion  in 2014.

City of Terrace website

Items of Note for 2014


October 3-- Northwestern BC nomination papers begin to trickle in
October 1-- Northwestern B. C. local election nomination period is now open


September 29-- City to sink more money into Co-op land environmental work
September 27-- Bench property sold
September 23-- Development worries residents of the Bench
September 12-- Garbage, recycling plan for rural areas surrounding Terrace could be approved tonight
September 11-- Terrace street traffic pattern to change
September 8-- Local officials declare November elections intentions
September 5-- Bidgood and Leclerc to Run for Terrace Mayor
September 5-- Mural Project Well Underway in Downtown Terrace
September 5-- What's in a nickname? Taking a Closer Look at City Slogans (audio)
September 4-- City of Terrace loses Kermode name fight 
September 4-- What's going on behind the regional district's closed doors?
September 4-- Does Terrace need a new slogan?
September 3-- Terrace could use a slogan to update its image
September 3-- Terrace Family of Four Sleeps in Converted Parking Lot to Save on Rent (audio)


August 28-- City of Terrace ready to assist affordable housing
August 27-- Vote for Terrace to host 2015 Canada Winter Games torch celebration
August 27-- Former Terrace City Councillor to run for mayor
August 27-- Developer takes cautious approach to housing in Terrace
August 27-- Overpass plan surfaces in Terrace
August 26-- Terrace could use a slogan
August 26-- Terrace seeing large number of developments
August 25-- Terrace landfill closed briefly Monday due to "suspicious" substance
August 22-- Northwest B. C. regional district director resigns
August 21-- Plans Hashed Out for Keith Avenue Industrial Transition Area
August 20-- Regional body must answer to locals
August 19-- Air Quality Monitoring in Terrace upgraded for Potential LNG Projects
August 16-- Hotel work waiting on permits
August 14-- Keith Avenue Land Use plans coming into focus
August 12-- More residential housing wanted in Terrace
August 5-- Plan aims to revitalize south side neighbourhood of Terrace


July 29-- Not a wish list: Northwest officials band together
July 29-- Northwest Alliance Seeks Revenue Sharing with Province
July 29-- City Council expenses released
July 29-- Terrace Art Gallery Seeks Municipal funds
July 29-- Terrace Crime Stats Explained
July 25-- Northwest Mayors To Sign Resource Agreement in Terrace
July 21-- City of Terrace rescinds campfire ban
July 19-- Realtor wants City to expand sewer services on the bench neighbourhood in Terrace
July 18-- Are we ready for growth?
July 16-- City loses civil suit, owes thousands to former chief official
July 16-- Thornhill site of massive project plan
July 16-- City of Terrace to pay damages in case of dismissed CAO  NCR
July 15-- Affordable housing plan in Terrace outlined
July 14-- City of Terrace issues Sprinkling Ban
July 14-- City issues ban on lawn and garden sprinkling
July 10-- Terrace announces Chinese Purchase Agreement for Industrial Lands
July 10-- City finalizes $12 million mega land deal with China
July 3-- Terrace in Midst of Major Land Deal
July 2-- Terrace on verge of $12 million land deal with Chinese industrial interests
July 2-- Huge housing project planned for Terrace
July 2-- Terrace to Set Up Affordable Housing Fund Thanks to Land Sale


June 29-- Long time resident, councillor says goodbye
June 26-- Retiring Terrace City Councillor Calls Music Festival Her Proudest Accomplishment
June 24-- Councillors get pay hike, mayor position pay stays the same
June 21-- Provincial jobs ministers visits Terrace Industrial park
June 18-- Terrace Pool upgrades scaled back due to spiralling costs
June 18-- Terrace, Inc. Small town becomes a major land broker
June 18-- New hotel in the works for Thornhill
June 17-- Terrace mayor says pipeline project a threat to northern way of life
June 14-- Graham Avenue rebuild now underway
June 13-- Security companies buy former correctional centre
June 12-- Housing crunch continues in Terrace
June 11-- Terrace hotel site in limbo
June 10-- City chooses softer approach to stop outdoor smoking in Terrace


May 28-- City closes another million dollar land sale
May 27-- Full time mayor proposal defeated by Terrace Council
May 24-- City closes in on Chinese deal
May 23-- Terrace Airport receives grant for apron expansion  NCR
May 18-- Mayor affirms position job should pay more
May 17-- Province to make Planning Grant Funding available to Northwest communities
May 16-- Mayor fleshes out reasons behind not seeking re-election
May 14-- Terrace Mayor Dave Pernarowski won't run again
May 14-- Terrace mayor won't run again in this fall's election
May 13-- Second Terrace delegation heads to China
May 13-- Terrace Council tightens parking spot requirements
May 13-- Terrace Delegates Head Back to China
May 12-- Homeless population higher than estimated
May 10-- Seniors housing project underway in Terrace
May 9-- Housing, rents worry Terrace and area residents
May 2-- Industrial laundry facility possible for Thornhill land
May 1-- Terrace Seminar Shows How to Prepare for Disasters


April 30-- Terrace Homeless Numbers Double Over Five Year Period
April 30-- Residents oppose land development
April 30-- Terrace homeless count soars
April 29-- Terrace Mayor wants position to become full time
April 29-- Subdivision applications flow into local government offices
April 28-- Terrace Mayor calls for full-time position
April 28-- Camp company hosts meeting
April 23-- Camp plan advances
April 17-- Terrace downtown businesses urged to open on Sundays
April 16-- Camp clearing underway
April 14-- Terrace city council to crack downtown parking infractions
April 11-- Affordable housing plan dropped
April 17-- Makeover money available for downtown business


March 29-- Housing crunch predicted as Terrace and area population grows
March 28-- Terrace has areas considered at risk for landslide
March 28-- Terrace council gets update on one natural gas pipeline project
March 25-- PTP Work Camp planned for airport industrial area near Terrace
March 25-- No concrete plans for PTI Work Camp off Highway 37 near Terrace
March 24-- Terrace Housing Assessment results suggest developer contributions to social housing
March 19-- Work camp plan sparks outcry
March 18-- Two large subdivisions planned
March 18-- Terrace to receive a 'Lucky Loonie'
March 10-- Terrace council seeks change to sign bylaw
March 10-- Terrace mayor says he'll avoid conflicts of interest
March 7-- Terrace wants more control over work camps
March 6-- Terrace businesses asked for Northern Gateway opinion
March 5-- Terrace makes pitch for subsidized housing
March 4-- Taxes rising although city spending dips
March 4-- Terrace Mayor takes on new position
March 3-- Regional Districts Switch 911 Service
March 3-- Regional District changes 911 Service


February 12-- Made in Terrace: What would a deal with Chinese manufacturers mean for the local economy?
February 11-- Terrace residents won't be asked for what they want
February 11-- Evictions worry Terrace  councillor
February 11-- Mayor wants landlords to ease up
February 8-- City Hall renos continue
February 5-- In the Zone: Terrace's connection to China's Qinhuangdao Economic Development Zone
February 5-- Terrace hotel to be wood frame
February 3-- New economic development officer settles in
February 2-- Parking infractions frustrate local man


January 30-- City completes land purchase deal
January 27-- Chamber making unplanned move
January 26-- Mayor's race could be on the horizon
January 22-- Terrace Council mulls over mini-park plan
January 14-- Subdivision application approved
January 10-- There's a plan behind keeping roads clear of snow, ice (N Conn pg A2)
January 7-- New real estate report shows Terrace on top
January 6-- Housing options in development
January 5-- Two per cent tax increase coming
January 2-- Terrace property values rise
January 1-- Gunk builds up in lagoons

Archive of items from 2013 and 2012 can be found here.

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