Thursday, January 9, 2014

Municipal Government 2014 -- Town of Smithers

Our quick reference and archive of items from Smithers for 2014.

Town of Smithers website


August 26-- Smithers Fire Department celebrates 100 years

April 25-- Telkwa Mayor Carman Graf Concerned about Proposed Medical Marijuana Grow Op

March 27-- Smithers Town Council Approves String of Building permits
March 25-- Smithers and Area Recycling society criticizes Town's New Recycling Program
March 3-- Regional Districts Switch 911 Service

February 27-- Northwest Mayors Weigh in on Proposed Changes to Election Terms
February 27-- Smithers Mayor responds to longer municipal terms
February 27-- Bachrach and Pernawowski Elections (video)
February 26-- Smithers Canada Post Plans (video)
February 26-- Smithers Arena Hike (video)
February 26-- Canadian Postal Workers Union Warns Smithers Town Council of Potential Service Cuts
February 25-- Arena user fee increases will be lower than originally proposed
February 25-- Houston hosts economic development meeting
February 25-- Smithers council meets tonight
February 24-- Telkwa council meeting tonight
February 24-- Mayor says Hamhius great ambassador for Smithers
February 19-- Smithers Fall Fair (video)
February 14-- Smithers MMBC Education (video)
February 13-- Smithers FCMC Award (video)
February 13-- Town of Smithers Wins FCMC Sustainable Communities Award
February 12-- Smithers Town Council to Send Rail Safety Resolution to NCLGA
February 12-- Smithers Town Council's Recycling Education Campaign Delayed by MMBC

January 28-- Smithers Town Council Wants Public Opinion Probed Before Supporting Rotary Bridge Project
January 28-- Bridge Proposal (video)
January 14-- Smithers council meets tonight
January 13-- Smithers Chamber Luncheon to host mayors
January 13-- Telkwa council meeting tonight
January 8-- Stikine Green Party Politician's Anti-Newpro Comments Stir Backlash
January 7-- NEWPRO Announces Shutdown
January 6-- Smithers' NEWPRO Plant Closes indefinitely
January 6-- Bizarre December weather presents challenges for Upcoming Smithers Operating Budget

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