Sunday, May 7, 2017

Blog Watching: Week ending May 7, 2017

Our return to the blog following a short break found a number of interesting themes to explore after a ten day absence from a plan for Seniors housing in the region to some notes from City council and School District, as well as a chance to catch up to the discussion points from the provincial election campaign.

The quest to increase available housing stock for Senior citizens on the North Coast dominated our news flow on the week, as our item on the plans from the Metlakatla Development Corporation for a Seniors village on the east side of Prince Rupert gained a significant amount of attention.

With the School year about to come to an end, SD 52 is making a few changes at the school administration level for September.

The City put the final touches on their budget planning for this year, putting some of the focus on their current situation towards external issues outside of the city limits.

The much anticipated summer paving project got its launch this week and we took a drive down Second Avenue to see how things were shaping up.

And finally the provincial election is just over the horizon now, with Tuesday the day of the General vote in British Columbia, as we got back into our blogging mindset, we tackled a review of the April 24th candidates debate in Prince Rupert.

Our top story however, reviews some of the talking points for what could be an interesting approach to Seniors living in the city, with plans now in motion to develop a Seniors village on the city's east side.

Metlakatla Elders/Seniors complex heads towards public overview  -- 42 new units for Seniors living could soon pop up on Eighth Avenue East, as the Metlakatla Development Corporation introduces its plans for an Elders/Seniors village on the old King Edward School site. (posted May 4, 2017)

That article was followed by:

Departures and Admin Changes ahead for SD52  --  As the 2016-17 School year winds down into June, SD52 is already putting forward some changes for when the first school bell rings in September. (posted May 3, 2017)

April 24 Campaign Forum revisited  -- The three North Coast candidates had a chance to share some thoughts on a range of issues late last month, we took some notes as we caught the CityWest replay of the Lester Centre forum .    (posted May 3, 2017)

City points towards external issues when it comes to financial pressures  -- Prince Rupert City Council put the final touches on their Financial Plan and a required tax increase for 2017, while also taking note of some concerns they have with fairness when it comes to services and infrastructure on the North Coast .  (posted May 4, 2017)

First phase of Prince Rupert paving projects underway -- The first signs of paving season were seen this week as a Penticton based paving company began work on the much anticipated Highway 16 repaving project from the Lester Centre to the Fairview Ferry Terminal. The first phase is currently underway from the Court House to Fulton Street and we took a tour of the construction zone to check out the progress.  (posted May 5 , 2017)

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