Sunday, September 3, 2017

Blog Watching: Week ending September 3, 2017

The latest success story for the Port of Prince Rupert dominated the news flow for the week, as residents of the North Coast joined a range of port, corporate, First Nation and regional political officials to celebrate the opening of the Fairview Container Terminal expansion.

Also finding a strong audience over the last seven days was a look at the quest by North Coast Regional District to find a Northwest resident to sit on the BC Ferry Authority Board.

An issue which we first tipped readers to ten days ago, became a major story as the weekend approached, with Greyhound announcing its plans to apply to the Passenger Transportation Board to cease operations on their Northern BC routes.

The continued growth of First Nations business opportunities in the Northwest was the focus of another popular story this week, as readers explored our item on a funding program hosted by the Prince Rupert based TRICORP organization.

And Port Edward's clean up project for September proved to be an item which caught the attention of readers, as they discovered more about the District's plan to award a cash prize to the resident who best cleans up their property over the course of the month.

The top story of the week however once again takes us to the Prince Rupert waterfront, where the Fairivew Container Terminals expansion project made news far beyond the North Coast

Fairview Expansion debut hailed as another step for Prince Rupert's Global footprint -- Our look at Tuesday's Grand Opening for the Fairview Terminal expansion proved to be the most popular item of the week attracting a large audience, as did our preview of the big event which we posted on Tuesday  (posted August 30, 2017)

That article was followed by:

Regional District seeks nominations for BC Ferry Authority Board position --  A call from the North Coast Regional District for applications for a position on the BC Ferry Authority Board made for a much read item this week   (posted August 29, 2017)

Greyhound to seek end to Northern British Columbia routes --  Our look at an application from the inter city transportation provider Greyhound to cease its Northern BC operations found a large audience, as did our item which took note of some of the regional political reaction to the announcement. (posted August 30, 2017)

TRICORP expands economic development options on North Coast -- Our review of an Aboriginal Business program from the First Nations economic development agency TRICRORP attracted a strong audience through the week.  (posted August 29, 2017)

There's some cash on the line as Port Edward wants you to spruce up your property -- A potential lesson in civic engagement for the City of Prince Rupert comes out of Port Edward, as we took a look at their plan to help improve the visual presentation of residences in the District  (posted August 28, 2017)

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