Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Transition Society takes lead in North Coast push back on Greyhound application

Prince Rupert is one of many communities across
Northern British Columbia that will be affected by
the prospect of an end to Greyhound Service

Reaction is starting to build across the Northwest with word that Greyhound has made an application to cease travel along a number of Northern British Columbia routes, including the Prince Rupert to Prince George option along the Highway 16 corridor.

Friday, we outlined the commentary that had been heard from North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice, as well as the Mayors of Terrace and Smithers, two of the many communities that will affected by the Greyhound move should it be approved.

Locally, the Transition Society has taken the lead on the issue, posting a short commentary about the Greyhound application and urging residents of the region to contact Greyhound with their comments and concerns.

Access to the Customer Service form at Greyhound can be found here.

When it comes to transportation arrangements on the North Coast, the Transition Society and the various local governments in the region have taken a significantly different path than that that which many other communities across the Northwest have developed.

In December of 2016, the City and its regional stakeholders turned down the opportunity to join in with the regional shuttle bus program that was launched by the province over the last year and a half, instead focusing on their own local solutions when it comes to transportation for those with limited means and at potential risk.

In their information note, Transition Society observed as to how the Greyhound service is an essential service in the area, a theme that was also a topic that Mayor Lee Brain offered up through a short comment on over the weekend, noting the importance of the Greyhound service.

Speaking to the CBC over the weekend, Mayor Brain delivered his only public comment to this point on the Greyhound announcement. Observing  that he will be reaching out to the province and Greyhound officials to discuss options.

"We need to ensure that there's a continuous link from Prince Rupert to Prince George," Brain said. "I'll be reaching out to [Greyhound] to discuss options, and reach out to the province, as well."

Some background information on that shuttle service that the city may soon give thought to reconsidering can be found below, with items taking us back to mid June of 2016 when the service was announced by the Province:


April 7 -- Another Northwest community hops onboard the Province's Highway 16 Transit plan  NCR
April 6 -- Transit service coming between Terrace and the Hazeltons
April 6 -- Public Transit between Terrace and the Hazeltons to start in the spring (audio)
March 28 -- Friendship House Transportation grant (video)
March 27 -- Prince Rupert's Friendship House to share in Community Vehicle funding  NCR
January 31 -- Province of British Columbia still hopeful that North Coast hops onboard the Highway 16 Shuttle Bus plan  NCR
January 27 -- Highway Transit Service in the Northwest (video)
January 27 -- New bus route between Moricetown and Smithers (audio)
January 19 -- Moricetown to Smithers Bus route starting in a  few weeks
January 19 -- Moricetown to Smithers increased Transit Service set to launch before February
January 3 -- Moricetown to Smithers Transit Service plans delayed


December 20 -- 'Province disappointed' Prince Rupert won't be part of transit plan
December 8 -- Prince Rupert opts out of Highway of Tears transportation plan in favour of alternate program (audio)
December 7 -- Rupert alternative to Highway 16 Transportation (video)
December 7 -- Prince Rupert suggests alternative to the proposed highway 16 Transit service (audio)
October 28 -- Moricetown to Smithers Transportation needs added to Highway 16 Action plan
October 11 -- Highway 16 Bus Network well received: BC Transit
September 2 -- First Nations leader welcomes BC Transit plans for transportation in BC (video)
September 1 -- BC Transit info sessions in Prince Rupert/ Port Edward (video)
August 31 -- MLA Jennifer Rice issues call for people to attend Highway 16 BC Transit consultations (audio)
August 31 -- Public input sessions on Public Transit planning for Highway 16 (video)
August 29 -- New daytime transit to connect Northern BC
August 29 -- BC Transit Highway 16 Public input sessions visit northwest this week
August 17 -- BC Transit putting consultations in place for Highway 16 shuttle service
June 27 -- Greyhound re-examining service along Highway of Tears after shuttle announcement (audio)
June 23 -- Greyhound's Senior Vice President joins us to talk about how the newly-announced Highway 16 bus will affect their operations in Northern BC (audio)
June 19 -- Transit hinges on local approval
June 17 -- Terrace Mayor offers thoughts on shuttle bus proposal
June 16 -- MLA says highway of tears transportation long overdue (audio)
June 16 -- MLA Rice awaits details on Provinces' transportation plans for Highway 16 NCR
June 16 -- Smithers Mayor hails Shuttle bus announcement (video)
June 15 -- More transit promised for Terrace
June 15 -- Highway of Tears bus service to run from Prince George to Prince Rupert 
June 15 -- Highway of Tears to get bus service
June 15 -- Community to Community transportation listed among the items in funding for Highway 16 plan  NCR

More items of interest related to the potential end of Greyhound Service along Highway 16 corridor, as well as other corridor transportation issues can be found here.

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