Thursday, March 3, 2022

DP World moves forward with planing and permitting phase for Fairview Facility Project 1B

A map highlighting some of the additions and changes to the
Fairview footprint in the planning by DP World and the PRPA
(From DP World information package)

While a significant amount of attention has been directed to the announcement in February of a two year feasibility study into the development of a new Container handling facility for the southern end of Kaien Island, a more modest but immediate expansion program to add more elements to the existing footprint is moving forward at the Fairview terminal site off of Scott Road.

An update on the PRPA/DP World plans has been provided to the DP World Projects page which notes that the Stage 1B Project is now moving into its planning and permitting process.

That project will provide the Fairview facility new service, storage and equipment facilities, along with expansions for the intermodal yard, Container yard and personal parking area.

The Fairview site will also see a realignment of Scott Road as part of the work ahead.

As noted above, the plan for the expansion requires a move the current southern portion of the Fairview Floats Small Craft harbour further to the north, in the direction towards the Prince Rupert Airport Ferry side of the harbour area.

The current small Craft Floats at Fairview (top map)
will be relocated North as part of the project (bottom map)

(From DP World info package)

The full prospects of the plans ahead can be reviewed below:

click to enlarge

One all permits are in hand, Construction is scheduled to start this fall, with a completion date anticipated to be sometime in the summer of 2024.

Towards the progress for the project, DP World notes the following: 

The Stage 1B expansion does not require an impact assessment under the Impact Assessment Act because it does not exceed thresholds defined under the Physical Activities Regulations (SOR/2019-285). 

However, given the location of the Project on Schedule B federal lands and Schedule A waters under the jurisdiction of the PRPA, approval to proceed will require an Environment Effects Evaluation (EEE) under Section 82 of the Impact Assessment Act (2019). 

The Project may also require the following federal permits and authorizations: 

Fisheries Act for marine fish habitat impacts 

Canadian Navigable Waters Act for impacts to navigation 

The Impact Assessment Agency of Canada Website can be explored here

More information from DP World on the project is available here.

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  1. yet another example of the NCR being a shill for the port. no hard questions...

    no word from the port of DP world on the serious impact to local fishing boats currently tied up at Fairview. how and where will they be relocated?
    these commercial vessels who contribute millions to the local economy

    they have avoided making any note of the impact to the existing breakwater.

    two years of construction starting at the end of the year likely means based on their other projects that we are looking at 4 years minimum. what will impacted fishing boats do between now and then?