Thursday, November 14, 2013

And it's all hands on deck for City Staff

The third member of senior staff was introduced to the city on Tuesday evening, as Mayor Jack Mussallem provided a short welcome to Rory Mandryk, the city's new corporate administrator.

Mr. Mandryk took his place around the Council table for the first time at Tuesday's session, his hiring was announced back in September.

There wasn't much background regarding his arrival provided by the Mayor's short introduction at the start of the Council session on Tuesday. Leaving us to await the official notice to be posted to the City's website where perhaps a snippet of his resume may be provided for our review.

He made his first contribution at his new job, with his overview of a request that Council accept a recommendation to seek out a Grant Application for a Grant towards the Airport Loan proposal.

You can review his Council debut from the City Council Video Archive, he offers up his guidance to Council at the 37 minute mark of the Tuesday night council session

With the arrival of Mr. Mandryk, the City has filled all three of its upper management positions in 2013, earlier in the year, the City welcomed it's new City Manager, Mr. Robert Long and in September confirmed the appointment of Ms. Corinne Bomben as the City's Financial Officer.

With the senior positions now filled, Council will turn it's attention to the latest opening, that of the need for a new Economic Development Officer for Prince Rupert and Port Edward.

Derek Baker, the most recent Economic Development Officer, shifted to the private sector at the start of November, taking on duties with the Pacific Northwest LNG group.

No update was provided by Council on the status of the search for Mr. Baker's replacement.

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