Tuesday, November 12, 2013

City Council Session for Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our archive of items from the session can be found below.

Regular session of City Council For Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Home page and archive of sessions can be found here.

Live Broadcast of session can be found here

North Coast Review Preview of Regular Session for November 12, 2013

Agenda for Regular Session of City Council for November 12, 2013

Notice of Special Council Meeting for November 12, 2013
(Resolution to Exclude the Public)

Info to Council

November 6, 2013

Mayor Jack Mussallem-- Present
Councillor Anna Ashley-- Present
Councillor Judy Carlick-Pearson-- Absent
Councillor Gina Garon-- Present
Councillor Nelson Kinney-- Present
Councillor Joy Thorkelson-- Present
Councillor Jennifer Rice-- (Resigned position on Council June 10)

Minutes of Regular Session of Council November 12, 2013 

Minutes of Special Meeting of Council November 12, 2013 (not available yet)

Audio Recording of November 12, 2013  (not available yet)

Video Recording of November 12, 2013 

North Coast Review City Council Timeline November 12, 2013  

North Coast Review Items on the November 12, 2013 Session of Council

November 15-- Councillor seeks meeting with CN over waterfront issues
November 14-- Airport Approval Process is ready for take off
November 14-- Mr. Horne delivers the city's snow plan for 2013-14
November 14-- And the walls, may come tumbling down...
November 14-- And it's all hands on deck for City Staff

News items from the November 12, 2013 Council session

November 14-- YPR Improvement Update (video)
November 14-- Prince Rupert residents give City Green Light for $7 million Loan to Local Airport
November 14-- $7 million airport improvement loan easily passes alternate approval process
November 13-- Prince Rupert Airport Improvements (video)
November 13-- Prince Rupert Stuff Bus (video)
November 13-- Prince Rupert Transit Offers Free Bus Ride for Food Donation
November 13-- Prince Rupert Applies for Grant to Help Fund Airport Improvements

November 13-- Prince Rupert Applies for Grant to Help Fund Airport Improvements

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