Friday, November 15, 2013

Construction delays put two School District projects at Charles Hays Secondary behind schedule

Progress as they say is slow, when it comes to two high profile projects at Charles Hays Secondary School. At their November 12th School District meeting, members of the Board of Education were advised that work on the Charles Hays job site was running behind schedule.

The Charles Hays Envelope project has reached what the School District calls substantial completion, however with some remaining deficiencies not yet addressed, the impact has affected the preparations for the Industrial Electrical Foundation Program, the much anticipated program is scheduled to get under way in February of 2014.

The construction of the new music studio at Charles Hays has also suffered delays, with that project now listed as over three months behind schedule.

The School District is continuing in its efforts to ensure that the contractors involved in the two projects, Yellowridge Construction Ltd with the envelope project and Eby and Sons Construction Ltd, for the music studio, complete their projects as soon as possible.

The review of the two projects at Charles Hays was provided as part of the School District's Highlight notes from their November 12th meeting.

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  1. Wow, they still haven't finished the Building envelope project at CHSS? What a joke. I was there two years and it was supposed to be finished in Feb or April....2012.