Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Slippery roads and limited visibility, in town and out

Port Edward turnoff webcam
As those who headed off into the morning snow will tell you, the snow covered city streets provided for a few surprises in spots as travellers drove through the ongoing snowfall.

Those with good snow tires on their cars, clearly faring better than those who subscribe to the theory that snow tires aren't a necessary expense on the North Coast.

The city's hills and intersections in some locations making for a few trouble spots as cars spin their tires and fishtail with some hard braking.

While the Snowfall warning has ended, the snow continued to fall during the busy 7-9 hours,  making the commute challenging for the morning hours.

The good news for weary shovellers and frazzled drivers is that warmer weather and with it the rain arrives sometime this afternoon, the full forecast for the rest of the week can be found here.

Giving yourself a bit of extra time and driving with caution, should serve motorists well as the city works to clear the streets.

As for those that may be heading out of town, Drive BC has offered up a number of notes on conditions along the region's highway, a review of some of them to 8 AM can be found below:

Haida Gwai

Prince Rupert to Terrace

Terrace to Kitimat

Nisga'a highway

Updates and a full overview can be found at the Drive BC website or twitter feed

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